How does Self-Help Work? Education

How does Self-Help Work?

Self-suggestion is a psychological technique that is based on the belief that each person is able to influence himself through words. When it is in a tune of hatred, fear, aggression and anger, the mind tends to cause the person to resonate with the same negative energies. The same goes for positive thoughts, and those […]

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mind map Business

How to Make Mind Maps and Have Better Productivity at Work

Saiba como fazer um mind map Desenvolvido pelo escritor inglês Tony Buzan, mapa mental é uma ferramenta que auxilia uma pessoa a conseguir liberar o potencial máximo de seu cérebro. Os mapas mentais são diagramas, e tem por objetivo gerir informações, conhecimento e capital intelectual. Facilitando na aprendizagem e condução de processos. Os mapas mentais […]

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How to Avoid a Meaningless Life Education

How to Avoid a Meaningless Life

Have you noticed that our life trajectory is marked by events, challenges and choices all the time? From the most irrelevant things to the biggest: what to eat at lunch today, what college to do, buy this or that shoe, solve problems in the relationship, accept or not promotion at work, pay the bills of […]

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Why the Customer Path Matters for Business Business

Why the Customer Path Matters for Business

Small companies that adopt management standards have higher profits, are less indebted and invest more. This is what a study was done by Serasa Experian at the request of the National Quality Foundation (FNQ) shows. According to the survey, companies that use the Management Excellence Model (MEG), disseminated by FNQ, recorded an EBIT margin of […]

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5 Simple Practices to Demystify Lean Management Management

5 Simple Practices to Demystify Lean Management

The term lean management is usually viewed with some skepticism due to the misunderstanding that its implementation requires a high degree of complexity and involves large investments. Previously, we have said that the tools and practices of lean management are, for the most part, simple to implement and that many projects fail due to lack […]

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