Things You Should Stop Buying

10 Things You Should Stop Buying

We made a list of 10 things you should stop buying. Because? There are several reasons. Read on to see everything.

There are at least 10 things you should stop buying now. The term “tightening the belt” has been a part of our day-to-day life for a long time, but it has never been easier to find ways to get around budgetary difficulties as now.

Let’s tell you what you are buying without need. The idea is to convince him to stop spending money on these things. The result? More money at the end of the month.

Things You Should Stop Buying


10 Things You Should Stop Buying



Although there are more and more moves to try to stop plastics and many supermarkets and shops have paper bags and other materials, plastic bags still exist. And you can perfectly use those who are still taking it home to put in the trash can. You can not deny that it is a simple way to save on the trash bags, so you should stop buying them.



There are those who use freezer bags to bring a sandwich or fruit to work. They work because they have a clasp, it’s true. But if you do this every day, maybe it’s best to buy a lunch box. The investment is greater but by the amount of bags that spend monthly will pay the value of the lunch box to the third or fourth box of freezer bags. Not to mention the style that the lunch boxes have today. There are lots of options and it’s not just for the younger ones.



Yes, the juice is good. But even light ones have more sugar than they are supposed to, so stop buying them. We have two solutions for you: or stop drinking processed juices all over – and at the end of the month the wallet and body thank you – or start making natural juices. If you want you can still make smoothies by adding liquid yogurt or milk. More variety, less money, and more health.



If you want some room in the house to smell good, put flowers in a jar or use natural candles. Air fresheners are made with chemicals and are often attached to a power outlet. This implies unnecessary electricity costs.



Even if you do not have space for a vegetable garden, there is certainly room for pots to plant herbs. As long as the food is not harvested, unless they have reached maturity, they remain quality for longer.

Once caught, they begin to degrade more quickly. Not to mention that several foods, once harvested, give room for the growth of others, without having to re-plant. If you buy them means they’ve been picked up for some time, so they will not last that long.



The granola is part of the food of more and more people, especially for breakfast and snack. But we often find it at very high prices, not to mention the excessive amounts of sugar that some have. The solution is to do it at home. Thus, you will be able to use your favorite seeds and fruits and, if you are greedy, you can use a natural and healthier sweetener, like honey.



We often face this problem in balances and promotions. We looked at a piece of clothing and thought it was so cheap that it was worth taking. But if you think about all the purchases you’ve already made just because things were cheap, surely many of them have never been used. Beware of impulse purchases. If you are aware that you will not use these are the things you should stop buying.



Unless you’re setting up your home now or doing a complete remodel, this is one of the things you should stop buying. Houses are simple and, especially for those without a maid, easy to clean. How many more jars, bibelots, and figurines to buy, more will have to clean.



And how about following our DIY tips on school supplies? Some things will take more into account, more tours, and even if you have to buy some material, always check at home what you still have, not to buy too much.



Anything that can be reused pays off more and more. If every time you have a home party using cutlery and disposable plastic dishes, not only will not you be being environmentally friendly as you will spend more money unnecessarily. At home, use regular dishes. Even if one piece or another is broken, there are already pretty cheap dishes to offset the risk.

If you’re thinking of picnics, camping, or any other type of activity where you can not even bring home crockery, opt for plastic cutlery and crockery, but reuse it.

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