12 Types of Content to Generate More Leads for Your Business

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Content marketing goes far beyond posting posts: you need to plan your content to generate leads and convert customers. Get to know 12 types of content you can use for this purpose!
Have you ever read that not only blog posts become a Content Marketing strategy? If you follow our blog, certainly yes!

One of the reasons is that among the goals of content production is the generation of leads, that is, get relevant information about the visitors to your blog, so that they become prospective customers.

In that sense, blog articles are good initial incentives, but they do not serve as well for "close business", ie get readers to actually fill out a form with their contact information.

For this, other types of material come into play. Want to know which ones? So stay tuned to 12 types of content to generate leads and increase your business selling opportunities!

Types of Content to Generate More Leads

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are the most popular and popular way to generate leads. The digital book format is perfect because most readers are already accustomed to following blogs daily.

The generally more in-depth content on the subject in question offers enough value to ensure that those interested are motivated to provide personal information in exchange for the material.

It is worth remembering that producing an ebook takes longer and involves a considerably larger work of graphics editing than a blog post.

But the results are worth it. Just look at how many ebooks Rock has produced and how much we talked about it to get a sense of the value of that content to a successful strategy.

2. Reports

Reports with surveys and statistical data relevant to the individual are also very welcome, and represent the kind of information by which people are willing to relinquish their contact information.

The higher the value of an offer, the more information the visitor will be willing to offer, and accurate and up-to-date reports on topics that are important to the reader contain data that he could not otherwise have.

Therefore, whenever possible, invest in the creation of reports and market research. At Rock, we made a blog dedicated entirely to this subject, the Rock Content Intelligence!

3. Webinars

Webinars, or seminars held entirely online, represent a type of interactive content that attracts great interest from the participants.

These video materials are required for their interactivity, as they can include real-time conversations of the speakers with the audience through social networks and other tools.

As presence is only guaranteed through a registration, as would be done in case of a face-to-face event, those interested must provide their contact information.

Thus, they receive the link to the event on the appointed day and time and they can continue to be nurtured with other content.

4. Case studies

Case studies are perfect for those visitors who want to know more about how one product or service worked for others in a situation similar to theirs.

These materials usually tell how a person or company solved a particular problem with the help of a product, service or work methodology.

This can also include success stories from well-known brands, something that always attracts the attention of beginners looking for how the great players of the market have taken their first steps.

It is important to always direct the content of these studies to your niche, and at this stage, it is worth remembering that the goal is not to try to sell directly but to open the doors to a future purchase.

5. Tools

Part of the appeal of any kind of content is its practical value to the intended audience, and what could be more practical than a tool?

In some cases, instead of showing your persona how to accomplish a certain task, why not go one step further and simply create a mechanism to help you in this?

It's more work to create a tool, that's indisputable, but the benefits make the effort worth it. No wonder we've created several of them here in Rock, which you can even use as inspiration

6. Online Courses

With the increasing demand for web knowledge, many people are looking for online courses that can help them in their many different goals.

As the goal is to generate leads, a good option is to create free courses on topics that your person would like to learn.

That way, it will be very easy to get the information you need, because the value of the offer is very high when compared to most of the materials listed here.

You can choose to create the course using a specific teaching platform or if you want to stream the course using an automated email flow as soon as the person signs up.

7. Contests

Who does not like to participate in contests? In addition to being incredible to engender and get to know your persona better, they are relatively simple to execute.

You can promote a contest on your website, blog or any of the social networks where the brand is present.

Remember that the goal here is to generate leads, and for this you need registrations. So make sure the prizes are interesting enough to motivate the audience to participate.

After that, be sure to make the participants' experience enjoyable, so that they become anxious to know what else your brand has to offer.

8. Checklists

Checklists are very practical and can be made available in a variety of formats, from blog posts to infographics and slideshows.

They serve as a kind of tool, but they involve less work on your part.

The idea is to help the persona to perform some important task, and that has to do with the theme of its content. So a checklist helps you to skip no stage of this activity.

For example, we at Rock have already done SEO and post-publication checklists because they are relevant tasks for us.

How to generate leads from this? Creating a file that the person can download is enough. Thus, the reader does not need to access the post every time they want to see the list.

9. Cheat Sheets

The same idea of the checklist can be applied to cheat sheets, which are reference guides made for quick reference.

This type of material is obvious, simple and basic, so it's worth producing it whenever possible in your niche.

After all, these are the information we always need but insist on running away from the mind. Having a reference source in hand is a big help.

Therefore, people will not even have to think long before downloading such material. From there, you can nurture their interest with more in-depth content.

10. Interviews

Interviews, especially when made with referrals in the field or with people who have achieved celebrity status in their market segment, are great leads.

Audiences like this kind of material for at least two reasons. The first is content, which gives a better insight into how the respondent thinks and performs their activities.

The second is that it raises curiosity about who you are and why you got that interview.

If you can talk to thought leaders, admired by your persona, your chances of generating leads will be high.

11. Audiobooks

In addition to ebooks, there is yet another way to get readers' attention from your blog, just for the times when they want to consume unread content: audiobooks!

Many people like to listen to podcasts on the way to work or on the go while they do other tasks. Others do this when they are too lazy to read.

The fact is that audiobooks are great for re-using content and putting it in a different format.

12. Kits

There comes a point where your strategy will already have several content like the ones we have mentioned so far, which will give you the opportunity to generate even more leads without producing anything new. As?

By creating toolkits with materials already produced in the past. For example, you can join multiple ebooks on the same theme, or offer checklists and tools together.

The way to assemble these kits is at your discretion, the important thing is that without great effort you will have a new, even more special, offer for you.

This is also a good way to convince the visitor that you have almost downloaded one of the materials before, and now you see the opportunity again, with a greater appeal.

Really, there are plenty of content alternatives to generate leads. The idea is to make use of several of these formats - if possible at all - to ensure that readers have variety and can find the types of content they most identify with.