5 Tips to Promote Your Products on the Internet

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Tips to Promote Your Products on the Internet - If you got to this post, you've probably already made the decision to work the internet, right? The next step is to develop your outreach strategy. This step deserves a lot of attention because, once the product has been made, you need to reach the right people who really have the potential to buy it.

With that in mind, we separate the best and most important hacks that will influence your selling power. Stay tuned for the 5 tips to promote digital products on the internet!

Tips to Promote Your Products on the Internet
Tips to Promote Your Products on the Internet

1. Prepare a good sales page

The sales page has a single purpose: to sell. It is therefore desirable that she look good and focus on the goal you want to achieve. Avoid distractions on your sales page and excessive banners and images throughout the site.

Have a typography pattern and be careful not to overdo the font size. Highlight only what is really relevant information for your visitor. A good looking sales page brings credibility, and credibility attracts sales.

2. Promote to the right audience

One of the causes of low sales may be just this: offer the wrong products to your audience.

If you intend to work in the digital products market, surely followed our step by step to create and sell an online course and know that there is a very important process before production, which is the identification of people.

Your persona is the representation of your ideal client, and it will determine the audience to which you should promote your product. Regardless of whether it is physical or digital.

They can be your Twitter followers, Instagram, Facebook fans, for example. They can also be visitors to your blog, website or even goers from some online community.

By identifying your persona, you can direct your entire marketing effort more assertively with language and identity focused solely on it. In the same way, you can offer your product more safely and objectively.

3. Prepare a blog or niche site

We have already spoken here on the blog that to advertise a product and make sales, it is not necessary to have a website or blog. But of course, through these two channels, you will have even more potential to realize sales.

This practice is highly recommended to everyone who wants to increase the reach of the product and still generate authority on the internet.

Create a blog/site specifically to meet the demands of a particular audience.

4. Use social networks

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and various other social networks can be excellent channels to generate traffic to your sales page and promote your products. Generate creative and flashy content to attract new followers. Use resources to engage your audience, such as Instagram stories or Facebook live.

The more connected you are to your fans, the greater the chance of being able to make sales spontaneously, after all, your fans follow you because they like the content you create.

You can also search for groups or communities that have an interest in topics related to the products you promote and start participating by offering content and enriching the discussions. But be careful when joining groups and do not SPAM advertising your product.

5. Consider hiring online advertising services

If you want to take it one step further, you can invest in online advertising services to generate traffic to your Sales Pages. The more hits you get, the greater your chances of selling.

Here are some possible ways to advertise online:

  • Advertise on Facebook using Facebook Ads. Here in our blog you find complete content on how to sell on Facebook ;
  • Also advertise on Instagram, especially if your audience is active on that network. Learn how to sell on Instagram here ;
  • Hire ad space on websites or blogs that are related to the niche of products you intend to promote. It is important to find websites that have a direct relationship with your product and get in touch with its owner to negotiate prices;
  • Hire bloggers to write about your products. The same goes for Youtubers, Instagrammers and influential people on the internet. Make sure these people open ad space on your networks to advertise products and the amount they charge for publishing;
  • Advertise on Google using the Google AdWords service;
  • Use Native Ads like Taboola and Outbrain to run your ads on news portals.
  • A necessary consideration when advertising in any ad space, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, is to make sure you study the policies of each channel. Make sure your product can be advertised on the service or not, and that channel does not allow ads that point directly to affiliate links if that's the case.

Another important aspect of paid ads is always working your advertising according to the identity of each network. And that includes the text and images that you will use to make your ads.

Instagram, for example, accepts videos with a specific duration of at most 1 minute. Facebook and YouTube already have larger videos. Analyze which fits your strategy better!


There are many ways to advertise your course online or any other type of product, but there is no better way. You should do tests, measure and find out which channel has given you the best result.

The golden tip is always to get yourself informed about marketing techniques that can be useful to advertise digital products.