Tips to Publicize Your Business Cheaply

5 Tips to Publicize Your Business Cheaply

Tips to Publicize Your Business Cheaply – You can create the best product in the world that it will be a failure in the absence of a good publicity so that the customers know of its existence. That’s why companies mobilize a lot of money in ads. If it’s not an option for you to spend so much, rest easy. In this post we will teach you how to make a good, cheap and efficient advertisement for your product or company.

Tips to Publicize Your Business Cheaply


1) Use social networks

You will not have to convince anyone here of the importance of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks to promote a business, product or service. Entrepreneurs of all kinds have already turned to this medium. But after all, do you know how to advertise on social networks?

Everyone is on social networks and the fight for user attention is tough. So be creative in campaigns, use beautiful images that create a consumer ID. We are still discovering behaviors within social networks. So no one has a ready recipe. Take tests and see, over time, which actions have the most response from the user.

Take advantage of current themes to gain prominence and, incredible as it may seem, do not advertise directly on all posts. Instead, promote your own relevant content relevant to your market.

For example, if you have a restaurant, make posts with food tips. If your business is a repair shop, give tips on vehicle maintenance. After all, it’s better to make your brand authority on the subject and attract customers than to annoy social-media users with advertising all the time.

But attention, rules for email spam also serve on social networks. Do not mark people for whom posts produced are irrelevant.


2) Stimulate word of mouth marketing

It is by word of mouth marketing that businesses generally get their best customers. When indicated, consumers already arrive with some confidence in their store. After all, it was someone that this customer trusts who talked about his business.

Encourage your customers to advocate for the brand. For example, loyalty programs have mechanisms to make your customers act as “sellers” of your company. As you can see in this post here , with a loyalty program the entrepreneur offers many points for customers who bring new consumers to the store.

But stay tuned. Word-of-mouth advertising only works when you deliver excellence. If it falls short of expectation, it will be the only time the person who has received the word of mouth recommendation will appear in your company. So focus on such good service that the consumer will feel connected to your brand.

Strategy becomes more important from a small business perspective. By the smaller volume, these companies can offer a more personalized service than big companies. Therefore, they are more likely to exceed the customer’s expectations with the service and this will start to do word-of-mouth marketing for your company.


3) Make a good advertisement in the local media

If you do not have the money to advertise on the major television networks, act locally. Look for the media whose focus is on your square: local newspaper, neighborhood newspaper, sound car, community radio, phone book etc. In many cases the local media matches more efficient ads because you stop spending with a consumer who does not live in your city.

Each media has specific characteristics that you should observe when thinking about how to advertise. But some items will be present in almost all of them, such as a good logo, an impact phrase and a beautiful graphic design that passes the main messages to the consumer (what you are announcing, contacts and address).

You can also get away from paid advertising and get a job as a press officer. Make a suggestion for a report for the local newspaper that addresses the market of action in your company – Attention! Do not sell your business directly, but your market. People who are interested in the type of product will get the companies in the city that sell such an item, and you will be in the middle of it. If you do not have openings with the local media, seek a public relations or media advisor.


4) Go to fairs and events

Trade shows, lectures and conferences of your business are occasions that you want to be. In these places the entrepreneur knows companies to talk about partnerships and suppliers and identifies potential clients. Always have promotional material on hand. You may not be able to close deals at events, but you will reap the consumer contacts to invest in the sale at a later time.

Participation in events, however, can be expensive. Choose those that really connect with your business. Chat with the organization and other businessmen who have participated in past editions to check if the event has the presence of the public that interests you.

If so, plan to make an effective disclosure. After all, your competitors will be there as well. Think about how to make an advertisement and get the attention of your audience in the midst of so many companies that want the same.


5) Create a contact list and communicate

Business is made out of relationships.Nowadays there is no more room to push a product or service without relevance to the consumer. There is no longer any way to advertise any product and expect a flood of people at your company’s door.

When the customer perceives value in what he buys, he acquires trust in the company, becomes less sensitive to competitors’ prices and becomes more loyal. Loyalty between company and customer is in the pure and simple reflection of a relation of value for both parties.

Building a lasting relationship with the customer is so important to make sales that all possible strategies within a loyalty program are tied to it. A club of advantages allows the entrepreneur to have ways of communicating directly with his client: the registers collect telephone, email and address. With this data it becomes possible to carry out email marketing campaigns, SMS, telephone service and direct mail.

Again, in the case of small companies the strategy seems to be more efficient, because the volume of the client portfolio allows to create a closer and personalized relationship. Go after your customers! Find out which ones are relevant and which are in your buying moment and offer your solution.

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