7 Simple Marketing Actions to Increase Sales

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7 Simple Marketing Actions to Increase Sales - Marketing cannot be seen only as a separate department from the rest of the company. In fact, it should work as a decisive force for the success of a business. And there are many newer authors who argue that every area of a business plays some marketing role.

Based on these concepts, in order for any company to increase its client portfolio, it will have to establish a good relationship with its public, making itself available to demonstrate what its solutions are and what it can do by so that it can conquer it.

All this helps to increase the customer base, which guarantees the increase of revenues and the gain of competitive advantages in the market. To help you in the important task of promoting your brand, we've listed seven marketing strategies to leverage your sales below. Check out:

Simple Marketing Actions to Increase Sales
Simple Marketing Actions to Increase Sales

1. Digital Marketing

Consolidating your brand presence on the internet is the first step to making it known to the public. The first step to doing digital marketing is to have some digital presence, ie a website of your trade. There are several services that offer the creation of websites in a very intuitive way, two interesting options are Wix, which offers a free option and Squarespace, which offers the option of a free trial.

Remember, the vast majority of people who are going to access your site will get simple information such as address, phone number and opening hours. Leave this information on the first page of the site, do not hide it on pages like "Contact".

Once you've created your site, you'll need to spread it, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are also an option (see more details below), but if you want a larger audience you may need to invest in "paid media". The easiest way to do this is through Google Sponsored Ads ads, Google AdWords. Google offers very thoughtful analysts to help you in setting up your account, which is not the simplest thing to do. In addition, it is possible to get a coupon of 100 reais to start the investment.

2. Announcements on local radios or newspapers

Launching periodic promotions in a newspaper or a call on a radio channel where your company operates is also a great marketing action. Although people have access to news via the internet, many still prefer to buy newspapers or listen to the radio to check them out. And as the attention is now focused on the Internet it is possible to get great discounts to advertise in newspapers, magazines, and local radios.

3. Social networks

Today, thousands of consumers use social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, to share their consumer experiences. That is why this is an important way to discover the products and services they most desire, to publicize your brand for free and to improve the relationship with customers.

4. Email Marketing

When well structured, email marketing is a powerful communication tool. The company can send an email to the client and, in its content, insert a link that directs it to your site. In this way, the customer will become closer and will always choose the solutions that your company has to offer.

The above tips can and should also be used to pick up emails. That is, you can have a very visible field on your site asking people to leave their e-mails to receive news from your store.

Another very efficient way is to register your customers live, at the time of the sale, using a software like NEX and always ask for the email for future contact.

5. Posters and pamphlets

To advertise your offerings, use promotional flyers and flashy posters so customers can see products easily. But it is important that they are eye-catching and contain a clear and objective message so that the local public easily finds the company's information, addresses, and telephones. This is a fairly old strategy, but it is very cost-effective and very efficient.

6. Offers, gifts, and awards

By offering discounts on products, especially on commemorative dates, companies gain the opportunity to advertise new products, win customers, retain loyalty, and leverage their sales. Giveaways and prizes also help create an additional stimulus for them to buy more products. But before implementing these actions, define their purpose and the financial impacts they will bring to the company.

7. Indication programs

By creating a referral program, the company makes its current customers seek new ones in exchange for a reward, such as a special discount on a certain product. In this way, it manages to increase its client portfolio.

Which of these strategies do you adopt in your business? Do you have any questions or would you like to share another strategy with us? Enjoy the comments field!