Tips for a Good Job Interview

7 Tips for a Good Job Interview

7 Tips for a Good Job Interview


“What is your biggest flaw?”. If the answer that came to his mind was “Perfectionist” I am sure that this article is for you. In this list, you will give some tips that will increase your performance in time to get a new job. Knowing the most common interview questions, know what are the defects and qualities that are considered when hiring the best employee, how to behave in their first job interview and some other information that will certainly help you in your career are here.

Tips for a Good Job Interview


Planning is essential

Do not be late is the first tip for a job interview. Calculate the time it will take the place of your home and never leave your recruiter waiting. If you already do this in the selection process, imagine when employed. Think of the interview questions and write down potential responses. Moreover, it is important to bring a printed copy of your resume in all cases. Being ready is the first step to do well in the job interview.


The questions (and answers) more frequent in interviews

The world of people management does not work with rules and it is important that you know that not all professional HR uses the same methods to achieve the best employee. However, we know that there are questions and answers that are effective to distinguish the candidates for the vacancy.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

If you really want to get the job, do not respond that one of your strengths is “pro-activity” and do not say that your biggest weakness is “perfectionism.” These terms have fallen into disuse and to use them is to get the job, fold, knead and throw in the trash. When the selection process questions faults and qualities, it is important that you tell the truth, but tell the truth. Our article How to speak the strengths and weaknesses in an interview explains in more detail how to go through this phase of recruitment. Similar questions are “Why should I hire you?”, “How can you help our company?” And “What is your biggest shortcoming?”, For example and should be answered in accordance with these job interview tips.

What is your salary claim?

Again, speak the truth. It’s no use playing down because in this way you would not value your work properly, but be aware: always agree with the average salary for the function performed.

How do you see yourself in X years?

This question specifically seeks to understand if you want to have a strong and enduring tie with the company. Depending on your area, it is important that you have dreams and professional goals and that is where you should talk about how the collaboration between you and the institution will be important for the growth of the company. but calm down, do not say you want to be “boss” or “president.” Try to guarantee the claim of promotions, but be careful with an excess of pretensions. If the experience you wish to have is short, especially in the first job interviews, it is important to have the notion of the position you assume and if it is your plan to continue working there.


Dealing with nervousness

To act in the job interview with dexterity and quality, it is important that you leave the nervousness at home. The mission is complicated, is not it? Self-knowledge is one of the key steps in dealing with these difficulties and in properly behaving in recruitment. You need to know your skills, abilities, and difficulties to be honest and reach the best answers. By overcoming nervousness, you will also gain good articulation and will express yourself more clearly to the recruiter.


Know the company

One of the best tips for job interviews is to get to know the company so that you can get good answers to the interviewer’s potential questions. One must observe the company’s corporate name, mission, and values, as well as know its best known and successful projects; this is very important to win the recruiter in the interview and ensure a few more success points in the process.


Give a good impression

To make a good impression on the interview, you must follow some basic steps. Knowing the profile of the company will know if the clothes should be social or more casual. Do not overdo the scent, make sure you do not have bad breath and try not to use a very fancy vocabulary or low slung. There are also some gestures to avoid, such as improper posture of the spine and also crossing arms. Like a romantic date, you have to behave in a way that impresses the other person, in this case, the interviewer.


Sincerity above all else!

To answer the questions with quality and get the job, do not lie. Do not increase the truths, but speak the best way possible. One of the values always needed in the corporate game is sincerity and loyalty. Also, do not invent experiences and knowledge that you do not have. HR knows very well when the candidate is lying and obviously if you lie, you will not be selected. It is the truth that you will get the best answers to the job interview.


Have sensitivity

Of course, you need to be authentic and have personality. However, it is important that you feel the situation and the needs of the interview. Sometimes postures can be more questioning and incisive. In some cases, everything can be more relaxed and you must play according to the rules of the game. In this way, you will also better understand the company profile and demonstrate an employee that adapts to the needs of the institution.

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