8 Tips to Make Your Brand's Instagram Professional and Profitable

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Avoiding advertising, creating a pattern for identification and even dare to play with humor help companies become familiar on the photo platform

A company that does not care about the presence in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, among others practically does not exist. Channels should be used to strengthen relationships with the public, create engagement, and serve as an efficient way to grow profits.

Among the most common social networks the highlight has been Instagram, and last year the platform had growth of 26% reaching 600 million users. Brazil ranks second in the ranking of countries that use the channel the most, with 45 million people sharing daily photos and videos.

'An image is worth a thousand words', it is in this proverb that entrepreneurs need to focus to direct their actions in that social network where the image says everything. "In Insta, a good photo has the power to captivate your audience. It is possible to generate empathy without using words. It is from this emotion that Digital Marketing of small and medium-sized companies must be used to engage the public, "says Nils Kauwertz, CEO of Wunder.

Tips to Make Your Brand's Instagram Professional and Profitable

According to the entrepreneur, it is extremely important that the entrepreneur knows how to use the platform to create relevance, even more because it is a channel in which the image is a priority and not the text, like other social networks. To help those who do not yet have a strategy to power Insta, Kauwertz gave eight tips to convert fans into customers; Look:

1. Presentation is everything

For the entrepreneur to be careful when filling in the fields of registration of the platform is fundamental, since this data is what will cause the consumer to find the brand in the channel. The name of the company should be clear on the distinction, which helps in identifying the brand by the consumer. Another point of attention refers to the profile photo. Because it is a very small space for image, the expert's tip is to use the brand logo or an image that is directly connected to the operation. "Avoid polluted images with lots of text, you will not be able to figure out what your profile is about."

2. Produce your photos

Do not post any photos. The posts are reflections of your brand and this is what will make the company's Insta as professional as possible. The ideal is that the images are produced, with thoughtful scenarios, colors, objects and even characters if appropriate. "It's important that your photos are beautiful and inspiring. You have the chance to present your branding to a large audience directly and professionally. "

3. Create a pattern and leave your mark

"Your Instagram tells a story, or several stories, each picture is a sequence of a marketing strategy," he emphasized. To be coherent about postings is critical. Creating a pattern for editing with specific filters and colors also helps, especially when the consumer associates the image with the mark. Another tip is that having a pattern does not mean posting photos always alike, so creativity should always be allied.

4. Enjoy the only space for links

Sharing photos and videos is released on the platform, however no links. According to Wunder CEO, the only space for the use of this information is in the "links of the site" option, where the company places the company's website. As much as the platform limits the use of links that it directs to sites, social media can substitute the use of link by the direction of the consumer to landing pages. Another option is to create calls in the post published using the phrases already known by the users as: "access the link in the bio" and "more details in the link of the bio".

5. Be beautiful and fun

Those who like the social platform remember to always enjoy beautiful and fun photos, do not they? "Post funny pictures or phrases every now and then, with themes linked to your product, the lifestyle of consumers and the backstage of how it's done," explains Nils Kauwertz.

6. Disclose concepts

You need strategy to use Insta, so avoid posting product photos and advertisements. The tip is to publish concepts, lifestyle that is directly related to your brand. "Be stimulating, interesting, different. Having identity, your brand can create in Instagram a personality and become reference ".

7. Tell stories

People identify with people, stories have the power to bring the public even closer to their brand. Just like in content marketing, the easiest way to build empathy with your followers is to inspire them with examples from real people. You should have noticed that in Insta, every photo should be planned, set up so the result is as expected, enjoy planning and create good stories.

8. Use videos

In the beginning, only images were welcomed in the application, then a test with videos of up to 15 seconds ... now, the platform allows videos of up to one minute, and it is also possible to make montages animated by the application itself, for example, "Boomerang" .

Videos are light and start automatically, further increasing the reach of your brand - just be careful not to fall into advertising and commercials. Plus, take advantage of Instagram's new feature, the "Stories," a 24-hour video or photo content that is available to all your followers.