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9 Tips From What Not To Do In Social Media Marketing

Brands have never been so close to their consumers. Through social media marketing, business communication has ceased to be that boring thing that tries to push products and services. The conversation became a two-way street.On the other hand, many companies are using social networks in an unprepared manner. Errors and mismanagement of profiles and fan pages compromise the progress of strategies. Often, they may even have the opposite effect, astonishing the audience rather than creating a closer relationship.Because of this, we’ve brought

9 tips of what not to do in a social media marketing strategy. One thing is certain: this will make a difference in your business.


Social Media Marketing Tips

social media marketing tips

1. Do not plan

Although the communication needs an informal tone, this does not mean that it is not planned. Find out what days and times you are going to post. Also, plan the language to use. Each brand has its own way of talking to its fans. Choose yours.


2. Ignore statistics

Increasingly, social networks provide statistics to map their audience. By analyzing the results of the interactions, you are able to understand the behavior of the fans and identify what kind of content is most pleasing to each segment of your audience.


3. Think only of numbers

As we have mentioned, numbers are important. Only they are not everything. Real people are far more complex than statistics. So, talk to your fans, ask questions, make comments. Make your communication individual and personalized.


4. Be thick with the “haters”

Haters are those users who appear to be talking badly about the brand – they are more common than it looks. It’s nothing personal against you. So be polite as you normally would be. This is the best way to reduce unwanted comments.


5. Want to talk to everyone

When a brand tries to communicate with everyone, it ends up not engaging anyone. Be clear with whom to speak and what subjects to address. Do not feel bad about leaving other issues aside. In fact, this is good to keep the profiles from being confused.


6. Use the same strategy for all media

If you’re using exactly the same postings across all media, it’s time to rethink the work. Each social network has its characteristics. For example LinkedIn is more formal and focused on work, while Facebook allows more relaxed posts. Find the ideal tone for each of them.


7. Post only to “comply with table”

From the moment you decide to work social media marketing, you need to think fondly about what will be posted. It’s no use making posts just to mark territory. You need to be relevant and interesting if you want to stand out in the competition.


8. Leave everything on automatic

There are tools for posting today, and that’s great! But do not forget that you need to monitor the interactions and respond to comments, since the computer will not be able to do this alone.


9. Want to manipulate results

In social media marketing, everything needs to be transparent. It was the time when brands hid from criticisms and complaints. Today, if you want to gain public trust and attract customers, you must communicate clearly and truthfully.As you have seen, communication between companies and potential customers has never been so close and instantaneous. With this, having a social media marketing strategy has become critical. And more than just doing it, it’s important for brands to know what care to take to avoid mistakes.

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