Amazon Anticipates Black Friday and Prepares to Hit Records

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It starts today and runs until the 24th. Amazon does not want its customers to wait for Black Friday Week and anticipate it. Online store predicts new sales record.

It started Black Friday at Amazon's online store and in these two weeks of articles at lower prices, Amazon foresees an offer of 15,000 articles at lower prices, 50% more than last year.

Amazon decided to anticipate the Black Friday week and started it today for a full 12-day offer period. Last year, the Internet sales giant sold more than 940,000 products during the Black Friday week, so this year and with extended promotion days, Amazon is set to hit record highs: 15,000 discounted items between 20% and 40%.

Black Friday's official week starts next Monday, November 20 and will end on Friday, 24th. However, Amazon anticipates and will make available to its customers seven more days of offers.