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Can you Deposit Someone else’s check in Your Account – the 3rd party is enabled to transfer a cheque into the account of the payee (recipient)of the cheque. given the account variety of the payee is correctly written on the paying-in -slip.

Though it not obligatory, the account number, as well as telephone number, has to be written on the back of the cheque. As the core financial facility is readily available in a lot of the financial institutions, cheques could be deposited in any type of branch of the bank, the customers are holding his account. Offering the contact number will make it possible for the Bank to speak to the depositor in a situation of demand.

In many Banks, the cheques have to be transferred in the cheque decline box. In the instance the depositor requires a receipt, the cheque must be supplied at the counter and acquire an invoice. In situation the name and also the account number of the payee does not match, after that, the cheque will certainly not be processed.

Can you Deposit Someone else's check in Your Account

Can you Deposit Someone else’s check in Your Account?


Can you Deposit Someone else’s check in Your Account?

The banks are not troubled regarding the individuals who are depositing the cheques for collection with the financial institutions

They could be the depositors themselves or reps of the depositors.

Financial institutions require the following details:

  • Call of the account owner
  • Account number
  • Name of the branch where the account is preserved
  • This apart, the remitter has to authorize the compensation slip and also should discuss his name and get in touch with mobile number

This is for the purpose of queries if any type of, in future.

As an example:

  • The account number and also name of the account owner do not match
  • The name of the account holder as well as the name of the payee/holder/endorsee do not match
  • The account number has not stated properly

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