Digitalocean vs. Vultr

Digitalocean vs. Vultr, Whats better?

Digitalocean vs. Vultr – Almost every time I met blogger friends or comrades who often intersect with VPS, I always get the same question, which is better, Digital Ocean (do) or Vultr?. Well, to answer that question, in the article this time I try to peel some of the advantages and disadvantages of each product from various aspects, both in terms of price, specifications, location servers, DNS, support and more.

Digitalocean vs. Vultr


Digitalocean vs. Vultr


This one is clearly a champion Vultr, lowest price offer vultr is $2.5 per month for a VPS with 512 MB ram. While in the lowest VPS Digitalocean, Start at a price of $5 per month for a VPS with 512 MB ram. Despite that, VPS Vultr lively $2.5 with low price it is very limited so that cannot order at any time.



As I alluded above, at a price of $2.5, vultr offers VPS with 512 MB of ram that if in the specifications of the VPS with Digital ocean appreciated $5. Thus for Vultr certainly superior specifications compared to Digital Ocean.


Server Location

In my opinion, the two companies are already pretty much have different server locations which locations are locations that commonly used by most people. However, if seen from the numbers, again Vultr is the best. There is currently about 15 server location that can be selected in the Vultr and 8 server location that can be selected in the Digitalocean.


I/O Speed

They equally admit using SSDS for storage of its data and equally claimed the fastest. But based on the test that I do Vultr have I/O Speed of Digitalocean.



The DNS service provides both free hosting that can directly use you. As far as my experience using DNS features from both, I conclude that the DNS of Digitalocean better because propagation is faster than Vultr. I often experience problems while using Vultr DNS propagation.



To support the same, I think both are pretty responsive though not too responsive. There are times when a reply from support DO faster than Vultr and occasionally a reply Vultr support more quickly. This might be more affected by the flurry of each customer service only if you think I am.


Affiliate Program

Both have an affiliate program is quite interesting. Vultr offered to pay $10 each time there is a sign up through our referral whereas digitalocean offers $25. The difference, the Commission Vultr can be withdrawn to PayPal while digitalocean only shaped credit accounts only.

So some comparisons between a VPS Digitalocean and Vultr. The conclusion to the affair, winner Vultr, but for a comfortable affair, it depends on each, I own up to this still I feel more comfortable using Digitalocean than Vultr.

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