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How to Dress for Job Interview Female – Check out tips from a specialist to get it right when choosing the look of the interview and avoid mistakes that can detonate your chances.

When you are looking for a job, the interviews are frequent and with them come the doubts – not only about what to answer – but also about how to dress and behave during them.

In the visual aspect, HR manager of Catho Angélica Nogueira suggests that to dress appropriately, the ideal is to research the environment and the company culture before the interview.

This information lets you know how people dress and behave there and can be prepared and undisturbed from the “climate” of the company.

If you know someone who works there, it pays to ask about the style of the company. If you do not know anyone from there, try to find out more about it through the internet, in your institutional website, you will already have a way to get to know the environment of the place and know how to dress for the interview.

“In general, for women, it is suggested a neutral color suit or a tailleur, scarpin shoes, light makeup and discreet accessories. You should avoid necklines, loaded makeup, transparent parts and ballad clothing. In less classic places, jeans can be worn, but not the torn ones or the very faded, the discreet style remains, “advises the expert. Also, avoid heavily loaded or glossy accessories such as hoop earrings and maxicolares.


3 Job interview look options

Angelica Nogueira gives three examples of looks to go to the interview: a formal, a casual and the last informal for more relaxed environments. Check out:

Look formal: Suit, social trousers or tailleur, shoes and basic accessories. Ideal for an interview with large companies, large corporations, banks and administrative positions.

Look casual: Dark jeans without many details, social shirt, shoes and basic accessories. This look is the “joker” of professional looks for not being so formal and not so informal, falling well for most types of company and positions.

Informal Look: Jeans, knee-high shirts or dresses, shoes or sneakers, and accessories. If the company in question is very informal and despoiled, you can opt for that more tranquil look to attend the interview.


Makeup for Job Interview

According to Catho’s HR manager, women can rather use enamel and make-up as long as it’s basic and lightweight. “In the makeup, it is indicated to use neutral shadows, clear lipsticks and to take care of the blush not to exaggerate and to call much attention, in this case, the makeup serves to uniform the face and to hide imperfections” advises.

Next, the blogger Ge Flores of the Butterflies in the Wallet shows the step by step of a very soft makeup for the professional environment. For more formal companies, replace the pink lipstick with a more discreet lipstick, like a burnt rose, mouth color, very natural.

The nails should be clean and sanded, and in relation to the enamel, very bright colors should be avoided, says the specialist. It is suggested to use light shades and if you choose a decorated nail, invest in the discreet traditional French.

The hair, in turn, should be clean and tidy. Opt for discreet hairstyles such as low coke, low ponytail or half-trapped with a discreet clip or cleat. So you leave your look a little more formal and prevent hair strands from falling through the environment.


Jumping at a job interview: yes or no?

“Everything will depend on the style of each woman. If you feel the urge to jump in, you should opt for the most basic ones, such as scarpins and/or sturdy ones. The jump, in general, does not interfere with the interview, what will really count, is the whole in a whole, knowledge, experiences, and skills, “clarifies Angelica Nogueira.

Generally speaking, good sense is what counts. Exaggerations are not welcome at this time. Be discreet and in doubt, bet on casual or formal style. On the other hand, another point to consider is the segment of the company and the desired vacancy. For example, if you are applying for a Fashion Designer spot, you can dare a little more to show off your style and fashion sense.

It is also worth remembering that being well dressed does not guarantee that the interview will be a success. Get ready for the questions, read about the company, follow the tips of the experts on how to behave at that moment and strive for everything to work.


Inspirations: look for job interview

Check out some formal and casual looks from the day to day work of Brazilian bloggers and get inspired to create your look for the interview taking into consideration all the above advice.

How to Dress for Job Interview Female

How to Dress for Job Interview Female

How to Dress for Job Interview Female

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