What are the Functions of a Business Plan – A business plan can help you define and clarify the goals you have for your business. It is an administrative document written for a range of readers because you can send it to investors, or it can be written to benefit your employees. Generally, the target audience has no influence on the content. At the end of the day, the business plan is about business, your goals and how to achieve them.

What are the Functions of a Business Plan


What are the Functions of a Business Plan?

Short-term goals

A business plan helps you define, in the short term, where you want your business to arrive. Most people make a plan when the business is new, or even when it is in the early stages, which offers immediate goals. This can be a solid method to define exactly how you want your business to come out of the paper.


Long-term goals

A good business plan will define, in a clear way, where you want to take your business. Some plans outline goals of two, five, ten years, while others simply identify long-term goals. The goals must be realistic because this part of the plan should be the one you pay attention to the most. Having a solid long-term plan helps you define your work now.



A good plan identifies the costs, sources of funds and expected payments. Consider doing proper research before adding this element to the business plan, because it is important that the numbers are accurate, especially if you are presenting your plan to the bank or potential investors.


Business strategy

Use the plan to identify the overall strategy of your business. You can identify how you plan to win and maintain customers, raise funds, improve your technology, deal with difficulties, send equipment, expand your business, hire employees and any other aspect of administration.

While not being read often, in essence, your plan helps you define what you want from your business. Writing helps refine your goals and make them real.



Your plan communicates with readers, which should be customers, investors or employees, exactly what your business is. You probably don’t have time to communicate these things verbally, so the business plan offers a forum and a communication mechanism about what matters to you regarding your business.

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