How Businesses Use Instagram

How Businesses Use Instagram Perfectly?

How Businesses Use Instagram Perfectly? Ever heard the phrase ” comer with eyes? “In social networks, this maxim also applies. Picture and videos are the most shared content in Social Media. So today we’ll see how to take advantage of Instagram for Business to improve your relationship with your audience and talk right to your audience.

How Businesses Use Instagram
How Businesses Use Instagram

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram, the social network focused on visual content, has gradually positioned itself as a platform for communication and advertising of high profitability. Now let’s see some data to understand the importance that this network can have for your business:


Why should you use Instagram for Business to promote your business?

The Instagram has two fundamental advantages that make it an ideal place to reach the audience. On the one hand, the Social Network was acquired by Facebook, a platform that has the complete advertising resources today. And its benefits are shared with Instagram.

On the other hand, the types of content that are published on Instagram are the most shared in Social Media. According to statistics, videos and photos are among the most shared publications in the world. That means they are very effective at attracting users!

This is a good time to review Instagram’s key statistics for Business:

The number of Instagram users exceeds 400 million, and 75% is outside the United States. This means that your audience is probably present at Insta! Also, more than 80 million photos are published every day, and 3,500 Likes are recorded. Enough, right?

Even though it has a desktop version – which has fewer features – it is in the mobile app that Instagram is a hit with users. Therefore, the platform represents a fertile space to connect with your audience: 80% of internet traffic comes from Smartphones.

Due to the worldwide success of Instagram, it is not only the companies that use the tools of diffusion offered by this social network, but the celebrities of the moment also make use of available resources. Let’s take a look at a chart of Instagram’s most popular accounts for a more “visual” notion.

To give you an idea, the growth of Instagram in recent years has been so great that this social network is already quite close to the giants of Social Media. Below you can see the image that shows the position of Instagram in Ranking of Social Networks . The graph was created based on the number of users present in each of the networks.

As you can see, Instagram has already passed Twitter and Skype and continues to climb the list dominated by Mark Zuckerberg’s other two social networks and his mobile app: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Last but not least: Instagram’s engagement rate (comments and likes) is quite high, which shows that users are willing to interact with the content you share. For example, according to the statistics, 50% of the comments are made up to 6 hours after the publication has been made.


How Can You Use Instagram For Business To Boost Your Business?

Since Instagram is a social network focused on the image, you have a channel to convey the spirit of your business in a more humanized and close to the public. Plus, it has the informational advantages that photos and videos focus on, making it a perfect way to showcase your products, be creative and entertain your audience.

Some of the advantages of Instagram for Companies, if we look from the point of view of digital marketing, are:

  • It has the gigantic Facebook database that is used for advertising purposes and has the enormous power of segmentation, all to offer personalized and efficient ads.
  • It allows access to a growing base of followers.
  • The Instagram user base earns one million users per month.
  • Brazil is the second country regarding the number of users, with 35 million. It only loses to the United States.
  • Instagram has the power of storytelling (Visual StoryTelling), which helps to convey the values of a brand better than with other types of content.
  • Provides the efficiency of using #hashtags to position yourself, a feature that can show you daily to your audience.
  • Gives you the opportunity to reach different types of goals in your advertising campaigns.

Three Types of Ads Offered on Instagram for Companies

Instagram is a social network aimed at mobile devices and is becoming increasingly necessary for successful Mobile Ads campaigns. In this sense, it offers excellent tools for you to execute your Branding (brand building) and Performance or Performance strategies.

Instagram also allows you to create three types of ads with different goals, achieving these goals depends primarily on having a clear purpose. In fact, to run a sponsored campaign on Instagram, you need to choose one of the following goals:

  • Increase clicks on your site.
  • Promote the installation of your App.
  • Get video playback in large quantities.
  • Improve brand image.

Enterprise Instagram offers three types of ads to help you meet your goals:

As you can see in the image above, the basic advertising formats are Photo Ads, Video Ads, and Carrousel Ads.

Photo Ads: The help to tell stories and show their proposals through beautiful and attractive images. It impacts the audience in a more human, original and creative way. They are interesting characteristics when it comes to performing a specific action or when the quest is to transmit the values of your brand.

Video Ads: Allows the creation of video ads with the same image quality parameters as the ads with photos. The difference is the advantages of combining animated visual communication with audio. This type of ad can take up to 30 seconds and has to be created in landscape format.

Carrousel Ads: This modality allows to improve the content of the publicity made with Foto Ads by the display of several photographs in the same ad, the same can be seen by the user when sliding the finger on the screen. You can also put a button with a call to action to help increase web traffic to online sales.

Instagram for Business counts on the advertising advantages of Facebook
Since it is part of the group of companies owned by Facebook, Instagram for Business shares several features with its owner. Many of the powerful promotional tools are available at Insta. Among the possibilities, we find to buy and publish specific ads using the same self-management platform.

To use the self-management platform, your campaigns need to meet performance or performance goals , such as driving traffic to a webpage through clicks on a link, promoting the installation of an application, or promoting a video.

On the other hand, the goals linked to the creation of awearness or brand awareness have to do with the publication of photos or videos highlighted in the users’ newsfeed. These ads allow you to need an insertion order and work through a trading system serviced by companies like Kickads.

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