How does Self-Help Work?

How does Self-Help Work?

Self-suggestion is a psychological technique that is based on the belief that each person is able to influence himself through words. When it is in a tune of hatred, fear, aggression and anger, the mind tends to cause the person to resonate with the same negative energies.

The same goes for positive thoughts, and those who work with positive focus tend to be more successful. Self-suggestion proposes just this: the spontaneous approximation of the subconscious, influencing it with dominant thoughts.

How does Self-Help Work?
How does Self-Help Work?

The Coaching process considers that the life of the individual is the materialization of their thoughts. We are what thoughts, and the body is the result of the mind. With self-suggestion, the subconscious materializes everything that the individual thinks. This means that positive thinking opens up a reality of success, love and peace.


The Power of Mind’s Influence on the Body

Do you know the power your mind has over your body? You can use all of this influence positively in order to improve how you feel mentally and physically. Words have a big influence on your life and so it is  important to be optimistic.

Self-suggestion is a process in which you can train your mind to believe in something, favoring the achievement of your goals. It is a conscious action aimed at reaching the subconscious through repetitions, leading to a change of thoughts and behaviors.

We are what we think: if your body gets sick it is because your mind has fallen ill. What you can not solve in your mind, your body converts into disease, leading to somatization – a process that consists of the appearance of physical symptoms that medicine can not explain because they are of emotional origin.


The secret of autosuggestion

There are three laws of suggestion that were elaborated by Emile Coué, a French psychologist who introduced a method of psychotherapy, healing and perfection through self-suggestion or self-hypnosis. Are they:

Law of concentrated attention

He says that when a person concentrates his or her attention on an idea, it ends up materializing on its own, When a person concentrates all his attention on an idea, it ends up realizing itself.

Law of the contrary effort

The more a person thinks he can not do something, the less he will be able to do this activity, no matter how hard he tries.

Dominant feeling law

He says that a suggestion that, when tied to emotion, overcomes any other suggestion that exists in his mind. In any battle between imagination and willpower, imagination always wins. So, try to change your imagination for your own benefit.


The conscious and the unconscious

To understand the phenomena of suggestion, or, more correctly, self-suggestion, we must know that there are in us two individuals who are completely different from each other. Both are intelligent, but while one is conscious, the other is unconscious. It is the reason why their existence usually goes unnoticed.

However, this existence can easily be verified, provided that one has the work of examining certain phenomena that one wishes to reflect on them for a few moments.

One example is sleepwalking. The sleepwalker getting up at night, not being awake. What force did your body obey, if not to an unconscious force, to your unconscious being?

If we compare the conscious being to the unconscious being, we find that while the conscious is often endowed with a very faulty memory, the unconscious is, on the contrary, provided with a wonderful, impeccable memory that keeps, without knowing it, the smallest events, the most insignificant facts of our lives.

And since it is he who presides over the functioning of all our organs through the brain, there is a fact, which will seem paradoxical: if he judges this or that organ to work well or badly, or to judge that we feel this or that organ, that impression, this or that organ, in fact, works well or badly, or else, we feel with this or that impression.

The unconscious not only presides over the functions of our organism, it also presides over the completion of all our actions, whatever they may be.

It is to him that we call imagination, and it is he who, contrary to what is admitted, always makes us act, even and especially against our will, as long as there is antagonism between these two forces.


How to practice self-help

The principle of this method is summarized in more or less these words: One can only think of one thing at a time, that is, two ideas can be juxtaposed, but they can not overlap in our spirit.

Every thought that concerns our spirit entirely becomes true to us and has a tendency to become an act.

Therefore, if we can make a patient believe that his suffering will end, he will indeed disappear; to a kleptomaniac who will not steal anymore, he will no longer steal etc.


The power of thought

Have you ever stopped to think about why some people are more successful than others? Why can some be happier and happier with their lives? Why are some people so optimistic while others are not? Why do some people achieve their dreams without much effort and others not, even with favorable conditions for both? Or why do things happen easier and more natural for some, while for others it’s all harder?

Many people may even believe in luck, chance, more favorable conditions, and many other factors that make some people stand out from others. But the answer lies in the way each man conducts his own life.

What some do not know is that individuals who easily achieve all they want, make use of the best and most efficient human development and development methodology available today:  Coaching, an alliance with the Law of Attraction – a concept that says all people are able to retain and attract what they want.

The Law of Attraction is the individual’s ability to attract good or bad things through the power of thought. This is because all emotions, behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and actions generate a force, energy deposited in the universe, that responds – or not – in our favor.

Imagine, for example, that you are preparing for a test drive. You’ve done all the classes, but you’re afraid anyway because you do not feel prepared or pessimistic about your passing. All these negative feelings can affect not only your emotional but also your behavior and self-control during the test. In this way, the probability of you being approved becomes much smaller.

Another example: you have the dream of being approved in a  public contest, and you really believe you have the ability to win the feat in front of the competition. With this positive thinking, you prepare, study, dedicate and motivate yourself daily, concentrating your efforts and thoughts on approval. With this attitude, your chances of being approved become much greater.


Coaching and Self-suggestion

Coaching has a very close relationship with the laws of attraction. This is because it allows individuals to organize thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about what they plan, seek and dream about.

It is a powerful method of human development and empowerment, which aims to lead individuals to achieve everything they want, in a fast and assertive way. In this way, we can define Coaching as an efficient and quick way to take a person from his current state to the desired state.

Through coaching, you can know yourself, your dreams, your goals, your goals, your strengths, and weaknesses. In addition, anyone who goes through this process can identify aspects that are limiting and impeding their personal or professional evolution, eliminating sabotaging behaviors and thoughts, develop new skills and competencies, and enhance the emotional control and ability of optimistic and positive thinking.

In short, the purpose of coaching is to lead you to action, in search of everything you want in any context of your life – personal, professional, social, family, love, spiritual or emotional.

Want to know more about this and other Coaching tools? So come and do the  Professional & Self Coaching training and develop your infinite potential.

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