How to Avoid a Meaningless Life

How to Avoid a Meaningless Life

Have you noticed that our life trajectory is marked by events, challenges and choices all the time? From the most irrelevant things to the biggest: what to eat at lunch today, what college to do, buy this or that shoe, solve problems in the relationship, accept or not promotion at work, pay the bills of the month, etc. With so much happening and having to deal with each of them as quickly as possible, it is common that at some point in life we come across the following question: what is the meaning of my life?

How to Avoid a Meaningless Life
How to Avoid a Meaningless Life

The truth is that many times, we live our days within the comfort zone. It is much safer to walk within normalcy than to experience something more complex and end up frustrating or suffering. So, by questioning the meaning of your life, many people feel a tremendous emptiness.

This is because, because they do not clearly have the answer to this question, they end up feeling that all their previous achievements were irrelevant, believe that it is useless to dream, if they let themselves be carried away by the problems of the day, negative, carry out their activities automatically and have no future perspective. Can you see how troubling it is, you do not know the meaning of your life?

I am not saying that any and every question you ask during your trajectory is worrying. It is quite normal at some point to feel that we are not on the right track, we can not control a certain situation, or we feel that we are far from our  purpose . The alarming question is when we are faced with such an existential void that we can not identify the meaning of our life, much less we know what resources to access to reverse this situation. When this happens, we are subject to:

  • Check our own ability;
  • Fear fear;
  • Paralyze our lives;
  • Give us addictions and addictions;
  • Not being able to maintain interpersonal relationships;
  • Nurturing negative feelings like hurt and pessimism;
  • Developing physical and mental illnesses;
  • Doubt our achievements;
  • Terms difficult to change thoughts and behaviors saboteurs;
  • Maximize our stress level;
  • Living in the limit of situations;
  • Suffering from low self-esteem;
  • Questioning praise from other people;
  • Do not make mistakes;
  • Increase financial problems;
  • We feel rejected.

When we find ourselves in situations like those described above, of not knowing what the meaning of our life is, it becomes an even more latent anguish. We must avoid a life without meaning and find our purpose, because if we do not do this, we follow our path in a random way, only surviving one day after another without making sense of moments that could be incredible.

Giving meaning to life does not mean that you will never feel fear or doubt again. It means that you will be able to face all the obstacles ahead and more than that, will reap good fruits from each of them. But after all, how to avoid a life without meaning? This path is nothing more than our personal development!

Steps to avoid a meaningless life

Here is the way to go in the direction of your personal development and attainment of a meaningful life:

Seek self-knowledge

The first step is for you to know yourself, because you will not dominate the various issues in the world if you can not see how they influence you, whether directly or indirectly.

By developing your self-awareness, you are able to  identify your abilities , points of improvement, fears, cravings, limitations, negative thoughts and behaviors, expectations, in addition to potentializing skills, having emotional intelligence, setting appropriate goals and objectives, facing eventual changes , have autonomy over your life.

Live your emotions

Our mind exerts great power over our actions and because of this, we have the craze of wanting to control our emotions and often, we do it in the wrong way. For fear of suffering and weariness, we try to stifle pain and sadness, but forget that to minimize such feelings, they need to be lived and understood, only in this way can we avoid a life without meaning.

Focus on the positive

You see, there is a big difference between living the pain and living in pain. We need to understand our negative emotions and why we are feeling this way, but we must never let negative feelings take over our lives. This means that it is extremely important to  focus on the positive , we must acknowledge our fears, errors, limitations and uncertainties, but we must replace them with thoughts, behaviors and positive ideas for our life to move and have meaning.

Be responsible for your actions

There are certain circumstances that are beyond our control: the death of a loved one, a car accident, a serious illness, but to a large extent, we are responsible for our actions. Because of this, it is very important to be aware of what we do (or do not do), the feelings that these actions trigger, as well as the consequences, positive or negative of each of them. In making this move, we become aware that we are responsible for our life and the course it takes along our journey.

Align your thoughts and behaviors

Once we take note that we are responsible for our actions, we must change thoughts and behaviors that hinder our evolution as a human being, as well as empower those who are in accordance with our values and help in our life trajectory.

Be close to the people you like

We can not organize our personal questions if we walk alone. Whatever it is, we are social beings and we need to be in touch with other individuals, to feel loved, heard, respected, in addition to exchanging experiences, whether in a family relationship, affection or friendship. When we get in touch with each other, we grow as a person and give meaning to our life.

Do not compare to each other

As flawed beings we are, we have the bad mania to compare ourselves to the other, we compare our careers, our homes, our families, our cars, our clothes, our friends and so on. Because of these constant analyzes, we let ourselves be influenced and forget that each person is unique, we have different ways of acting and thinking, we have different trajectories, different choices and different experiences, so nobody will never have life equal to the other and is just there is the beauty of the world.

When we compare ourselves with the other, we are subject to frustration, to feeling deprived, to thinking that we do not have everything we want, to influence ourselves negatively and to live a meaningless life, for we leave our side and always want to live the life of our neighbor.

Grow with difficulties and value your achievements

Believe: nothing happens by chance, since everything in this evolutionary journey has a well-defined purpose and goal. And even though we often lament and ask: Why? The most important thing to remember is that you are the protagonist and, as such, you must take the lead in your life.

Practice mindfulness

When we stop living the present and are worried about what is happening around us, unemployment, layoffs, we do not usually do our jobs. A good tactic is to practice Mindfulness. At the end you will feel a sense of well-being and begin to see meaning in life. You will be relaxed and your mind will thank you.

Do not Worry So Much With Trouble

Many things are above human understanding so do not worry so many with the problems. However, always be aware of yourself and try to evolve so that with each new confrontation, you are fully able to choose the best ways to overcome it.

Stop for 1, 2, or 3 minutes and remember a few moments of your life where you thought you could not handle, handle, overcome, overcome … Now look around and notice where you are, feel your strength, your ability, see his achievements: all this is the result of his  perseverance . You won!

Dare and do different!

So once again I can say: all your effort will be worth it! Tune in and look at the human being that you are. If you are not satisfied, dare, do a self-analysis and change what you do not like, change what does not do you good!

Do something for yourself!

Whether it’s a sport or talking to a friend, take a break from your day to do something you really enjoy. This will be reflected in your personal, professional life with friends and will make you a much happier person.

Have willpower and determination

Do you know when a person does everything by their dreams and seeks strength in their innermost depths of their being to seek energy to move on? Successful people are like that, they do not give up, because they have such a deep willpower and such a powerful determination that they will win that, nothing or nobody, can make them give up their achievements.

Believe in your potential

“If you can dream, you can do it,” said Walt Disney. Such speech reflects something immensely powerful: the infinite capacity that each of us possesses to realize dreams. The first step to make something real is to think, to dream. From the moment you can create something – and, most importantly, believe – mentally, you too can create physically. Remember that great achievements do not happen and never happened overnight. They are fruits of thoughts based on the certainty that there is potential to become a reality in a gradual, continuous and daily. Do not be afraid to dare to go beyond: the more you face your fears, the more comfortable you are in facing them, until there comes a time when fear no longer exists.

Recognize your value

Everyone likes to make sure they are useful. It shows that you make a difference. Often people expect the other to say “you are helpful” or “you have value for this place”. And this is where self-motivation kicks in. Because it is not enough for the other to say it, you also need to feel it. In order for your motivation to become more and more constant, it is important to understand your whys. It is also important to understand what you can add to the environment in which you are inserted. Recognize that your existence is important to many people around you. This value is yours, it concerns your values, therefore, nothing is more just that it is recognized by you in the first place.

Coaching as an aid to living a meaningful life

With all the reflections and points covered so far, can you answer the question asked at the beginning of this article? Do you know what the meaning of your life is? Even if you still do not know how to respond to this question, serious is this statement: every human being, regardless of their history and trajectory, is important! Every life deserves and has meaning and with you it is no different.

In this sense, the Coaching process is focused, through techniques and tools of various areas such as administration, psychology, human resources, among others, besides powerful questions, provoke in you, an internal reflection capable of generating changes, understanding about of what is its mission of life and consequently, its evolution as a human being. The methodology also allows you to:

  • Develop your self-knowledge;
  • Identify your skills;
  • Understand your points of improvement;
  • Empower your existing skills;
  • Acknowledge your beliefs and values;
  • Assimilate and minimize your limitations;
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and behaviors;
  • Develop your emotional intelligence;
  • Maximize your self-confidence;
  • Determine what your priorities are;
  • Understand what your motivation is;
  • Set goals and objectives consistent with your values;
  • Get out of your comfort zone;
  • Plan actions to achieve what you want;
  • Be able to adapt to change;
  • Identify ways to solve your problems;
  • Balance your personal, professional and spiritual life;
  • Provoke latent changes in a short time;
  • Find out what your dreams and desires are.

Searching for a meaningful life is not an easy task, you will often find yourself facing challenges and obstacles, but only by living and surpassing them, you will be able to understand the meaning of your life. Now a reflection: Even after understanding how effective the Coaching process is for you to identify and live out your mission, will you continue to stand still? Do you want to keep complaining that you do not know the meaning of your life and will let it pass? Be the change you need for your personal development!

Professional & Self Coaching – PSC, from the Brazilian Coaching Institute is the best and most complete Coaching course in Brazil. Training aims, through techniques, tools and knowledge, to provide you with subsidies so that you are free of stagnation and thus, know your role in the world, reach the transformation and so finally understand the meaning of your life.

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