How Much do Auto Mechanics Make

How to be a Auto Mechanic and How Much do Auto Mechanics Make?

The mechanics are the professionals specialized in diagnosing and solving the problems of automobiles, motorcycles, buses or trucks of individuals or companies. By explaining the drivers and reviewing the vehicle, the mechanic must be able to determine the source of the problem and plan the repair of the problem; must agree with the owners the quality of the final work.


What does a car mechanic do?

The main function of the mechanics of cars, motorcycles, and trucks is to identify the mechanical problems that prevent the correct operation of the vehicle, in addition to having notions of basic electronics to carry out minor repairs. For this reason, a large part of the mechanics’ workday is carried out inside the workshop, making the pertinent substitutions of parts so that the vehicle can work again or look better.

How Much do Auto Mechanics Make

Broadly speaking, when a customer notices that their vehicle is not working properly, contact the mechanic to explain their problem, who must inspect the vehicle until the cause of the described symptoms is determined. Then, the mechanic must plan the course of the repair of the vehicle and communicate it to the customers, having to adapt to the preferences of these if possible more than one solution. Before delivering the car, the mechanic must make sure that it does not require other repairs.

A small but important part of the work of a mechanic is to communicate with customers, informing them of the failures found and possible repairs. In addition, it is also important to inform customers about the maintenance of their vehicles to avoid mechanical problems in the future.


How much does a car mechanic earn?

The average salary of the mechanics of cars stood at 20,500 euros at the end of 2017, which means receiving a gross salary of about 1,700 euros per month without extra payments. The most common for those who land at their first workshop as workers are to receive an approximate salary of 16,000 euros gross per year. On the other hand, more specialized profiles with years of experience (and client portfolio) can reach 37,000 euros gross per year.


What to study to be a car mechanic

Enrollment in the higher degree of automotive is the first step that must be overcome by all those who wonder how to be a car mechanic, as they are one of the studies of professional training most demanded by students. The lessons offered are theoretical and practical, as students work in cars in workshops of the center before doing practical work in real workshops.

However, having completed Vocational Training is not enough to be a good mechanic. The evolution of the engines and the greater presence of electronic elements make it necessary to update continuously through courses or new studies of FP on the subject.

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