How to Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash

How to Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash

Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash – 14 Ways to Sell or Trade Your Amazon Gift Cards for Money (Plus Ways to Trade for Other Things!).

No matter just how much you enjoy Amazon, you might not need a bunch of gift cards for the online seller.
Required Easy Extra $250+/ Month Totally Free?

Or, you may simply need to move Amazon gift card to money because you need the cash more today.
It takes place!

Thankfully, there are several ways you can transform an Amazon gift card balance to money or trade them in exchange for other present cards.

Let’s have a look first at some of the ways to trade Amazon present card for the money.
Ways to Trade or Offer Amazon Present Card for Money.

How to Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash
Convert Amazon Gift Card to Cash



It sounds amusing, but Amazon might simply want to offer you credit for your unused Amazon present card balance.
You do not know until you ask and it doesn’t harm anyone to discover!
Amazon has amazing customer support and always tries to make its customers pleased.
So, there’s no harm in calling customer support about your undesirable present card.

Let the consumer support agent know exactly what your balance is which you’re planning to eliminate your card.
It’s possible that they’ll suggest using it to purchase a different present card, or they may use to offer you money back on your linked payment approach to turn Amazon present card into cash.
You never know!

Sell Amazon Gift Card on eBay.

If you wish to move an Amazon present card into money, one of the best ways to do it is on eBay.
Not just is the auction site very easy to utilize, but you can perhaps get someone to buy your gift card for its full value, or extremely near it.

Often, gift cards even cost MORE than their stated value!
There’s a couple of theories on why someone would pay more for an Amazon gift card than it’s worth.
Individuals in other countries might have the ability to use it to their benefit by working their magic with currency conversion.

Others might utilize their eBay Bucks, which is Ebay’s equivalent of a reward system for buying on the website, to buy a gift card.

If they have a lot of eBay Bucks accrued, however, do not have anything in mind to utilize them for, some people may incline to pay a few extra dollars for a gift card if it discusses stated value.

Also, several cashback sites, like Ebates and Swagbucks, offer members cash back for shopping on eBay.
An individual might earn more in cash back from your purchase than he’s spending on the excess with the gift card, so it’s a winning situation for him!

Whatever the factor, there are absolutely people willing to invest more for present cards than they deserve, so you might get fortunate.

And, even if it does not discuss stated value, you can still likely get extremely close to its value when you offer it.
I have actually offered present cards on eBay for just a couple of cents less than what they’re worth.
If you’re sending out the card through the email so you don’t get scammed, just be sure to acquire tracking with shipping.

Some buyers will declare they never ever got the gift card, but if you can prove it was sent out through tracking, you can cover yourself.
And NEVER post your gift card’s details, like present card number and PIN, on eBay.

Ask Buddies & Household.

Have you asked your buddies or family if anyone is willing to buy your Amazon present card?
Facebook is wonderful for this!

Send a fast status about the gift card and just how much is on it, and gauge interest to see if anybody would be willing to purchase it for a couple of dollars cheaper.

You ‘d be surprised the number of good friends on your Facebook list wish to conserve a couple of bucks to acquire something they have actually been eye-balling on Amazon!


Craigslist is a good place to find local purchasers for your present cards.
The advantage about this is you will not need to stress over shipping the card and falling victim to a scam.
If you have an electronic Amazon gift card, you can physically provide the gift card to your purchaser by printing out the details and providing it.

You can even offer to wait with the purchaser while he utilizes his phone to double check the balance on Amazon.
You may need to sell for a little less on Craigslist than you would Ebay, but it can save you some comfort with a smooth deal.
Here are a few more websites like Craigslist to try too!


Many individuals do not realize that CoinStar kiosks are for more than just turning your loose modification into cash.
They can also exchange your gift cards for cash!
Well, at least some kiosks do.

You can search for a kiosk near you and the CoinStar site will let you know if the service is provided in your local kiosk.

Your present card will have to be a physical card and be worth at least $20.
Put it in the device, examine your deal, then you can print your voucher. Take it to a cashier to obtain the money!


Gift Card Site.

There are a number of websites on which you can offer or switch your gift cards.
However, they’re not all legitimate, so it is essential to stick to the reliable sites that have proven themselves not to be frauds!

The majority of these sites generally work the same.
You’ll register an account, enter your card info, and the site will provide you a deal.
You if you select to accept the deal. can get your cash through a check in the mail or PayPal.
Some websites will let you swap your balance for another gift card readily available on the website.
Here is a couple of you can rely on:

Make Purchases in Exchange for Money

If anybody desires something from Amazon that you can cover with your present card, you can always ask your household and friends.

Make the purchase for them and they can pay you in cash if so. It resembles offering your present card, but you can make your full amount you spent in cash by doing this.

Just ensure to ask credible individuals who you know will hold up their end of the offer!



Make sure you read the pinned exchange guide prior to attempting to sell or trade your Amazon gift card.
Create your very own post to let others understand you’re offering your gift card (but remember not to post its numbers!).
This subreddit is really active. Even as I compose this, people are developing new posts and reacting to others, so there’s a likelihood you can discover a quick bite.


Use Prime Pantry

This is a round-a-bout way of getting money for your Amazon present card, however it can operate in a pinch.
If you haven’t yet heard of Prime Kitchen, now is the time to discover.

Amazon’s Prime Pantry has lots of food and family products, similar to the grocery store. You can fill a box with products and have the complete thing sent out to you for only $5.99 in shipping expenses.
And it’s usually a huge, heavy box!

Utilize your gift card to buy your groceries on Amazon if you’re in a pinch and need money rather of your Amazon card.

You’ll keep your cash in your wallet, essentially trading your gift card for cash.


Utilize the Raise App

Raise resembles a cross in between eBay and present card selling websites.
You can note your gift cards for sale and await other individuals to buy them.
Raise says many gift cards offer on its site within about 24 hours!
However, even more, hassle-free is the Raise app, which is offered for iOS and Android devices.
You can list your cards through the app and track your listings and earnings quickly.
Better yet, you earn money directly to your savings account when the sale is finalized!


The best ways to Sell or use Amazon Present Card for Other Things

You can examine out these other methods to use it or exchange it for other stuff if you do not always care about getting money for your Amazon present card.


Buy Other Gift Cards on Amazon

Amazon is distinct in that it doesn’t simply sell present cards on its website.
It offers present cards to lots of other locations too!

So, if an Amazon gift card just isn’t really what you’re after, you can utilize it to acquire another gift card on Amazon.
Amazon sells both e-gift cards and physical present cards, so you can select the type you want and browse the alternatives.

Some of the more popular gift cards Amazon offers are for Applebee’s, Subway, AMC Theaters, Sephora, and Sears, but there are hundreds to choose from!


Exchange for Bitcoin

Trading your Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin is another choice.
Bitcoin is a type of payment that keeps all your details confidential. It’s possibly the most protected way for you to pay for anything online, due to the fact that your name and other determining details is kept private.
Think about it like PayPal, only an anonymous variation.

The handbag is a site dedicated solely to exchanging Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin.
It’s like a market for you to find purchasers. Others will post the items they desire from Amazon, and you agree to purchase the products utilizing your present card.

The individual funds an escrow account to guarantee you earn money to finish the process.
Once it’s all settled, the other individual gets his products from Amazon and you’ll get Bitcoin that you can spend however you choose online.

Since Bag offers specifically with Amazon, it’s a great one to utilize. But, you can also try Paxful and LocalBitcoins, both of which let you offer gift cards, including Amazon, for Bitcoin.


Use Amazon Pay

Did you know that you can use your Amazon present card to purchase products from other merchants?
That’s due to the fact that Amazon has its own payment technique, called Amazon Pay, that a number of online merchants are now accepting as a type of payment!

If the merchant accepts Amazon pay, you’ll see a little button in the checkout process that states something like Pay with Amazon”.

Click that button, and you’ll be directed to your Amazon account, where you can opt to utilize your present card as a payment method. It works very likewise to paying with PayPal.

Amazon partners with new merchants all the time, so even if the one you want to buy from isn’t really currently accepting Amazon Pay, it could be soon.


Donate them to Charity

I know you came here looking for methods to offer or trade an Amazon gift card, but I figured I ‘d set out this choice since it may drift someone’s boat, and it’s a truly awesome cause.
You can donate your Amazon gift card to charity usingEven if you have only a small balance left, you can send it to the company.

Even if you have only a small balance left, you can send it to the company.
Exactly what it does is utilize the remaining balance of gift cards of any kind to make purchases for food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities for those in requirement.You can envision that an Amazon gift card would help wonders for this cause!

You can envision that an Amazon gift card would help wonders for this cause!
You can even earn a charitable contribution invoice to deduct the contribution on taxes.
The company will send you one, if requested, via email within 2 Days.Did you understand you can earn free gift cards online without having to take studies? Check out this post for methods to earn them! And, always remember to leave us a comment letting us know how if we missed out on any methods to trade or sell Amazon present cards!

Did you understand you can earn free gift cards online without having to take studies? Check out this post for methods to earn them! And, always remember to leave us a comment letting us know how if we missed out on any methods to trade or sell Amazon present cards!

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