How to Endure Sleep at Work?

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How to Endure Sleep at Work - About 45% of the world's population suffers or has already suffered from the problems of insomnia. Sleep disorders end up reducing work productivity and end up with happiness, including reasons for increased depression and anxiety.

How to Endure Sleep at Work

Understand the reasons

Usually, you do not get sleepy at all. Understanding the motivations of this sleep and pursuing the main motives that are deregulating your evening is the first step for those who wish to end their sleepiness at work. Staying up all night is wrong? Of course, yes, and do not doubt it. When you go without sleep, your central nervous system collapses, after all, this is a basic need for you to stop receiving information and data and not to wear out your psychological state. In addition, most of the hormonal adjustments of your body happen while you are sleeping, which detracts from all the functioning of your body. To combat this evil, read our article How to Treat Insomnia. The best energy to stay awake at work is a good night's sleep.

If your sleep is regulated and still you continue with drowsiness during the day, it is possible that this problem is caused by anemia. Anemia is the nutrient deficiency in your body. It makes you more sleepy, weak and deconcentrated. To end this feeling, it is necessary that you go to a doctor.

Get hydrated

A common reason for those who are very sleepy at work is the lack of hydration throughout the day. Who hydrates little has a reduced oxygenation in the brain cavity, reducing the nervous activity. Consequently, the lack of water impairs the concentration and proactivity of any employee of the company. This is exactly why we should moisturize during the day. Generally, the recommended amount of water consumption varies between 1.5 and 2 liters of H2O. So maybe your drowsiness is caused by the bad habit of not moisturizing.

Good talk is good

One of the activities that can connect the brain in a drowsy moment is the conversation with business colleagues. Talk is one of the central nervous system's stimulating activities and can help you to remove the feeling of drowsiness even momentarily. In addition, talking reanimates and rejoices, especially if it's funny and good stories that make you feel better.

Coffee is a double-edged sword

You must be thinking: why do not I drink coffee or any other energy drink? Coffee, like any other beverage that promises to increase your cognition ability and reduce your drowsiness works like a double-edged sword. Let us explain to you why: Caffeine will raise your thinking ability and your attention by giving you an injection of activity into your central nervous system. However, once the effect has passed, the rebound will be greater. By having artificially forced through a drug that your body stays on longer when the effect of it passes you will feel a much worse drowsiness than the one before the coffee. In addition, excessive coffee consumption can cause gastritis and damage to the gastrointestinal system.

So how do you stay awake after dark? In this case, we know that it will be necessary to appeal to this type of resource, energy drinks. Do this, but consume sugar-free coffee and avoid fatty foods so you do not suffer from excessive heartburn. Also, do not repeat this act often because it is your body that will be harmed.

Move around

One of the best tactics of staying awake during the day is to constantly move so that you do not get drowsy by standing still. Walk, walk down the street and in the company always try to take a turn to open the head. The body in motion releases substances that increase concentration and inhibit sleep, as this is an evolutionary issue. That is, moving around is a good way to avoid sleep at work.