How To Open A Barber Shop

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Ever imagine opening a barbershop ? Already, in this content you will learn exactly, step by step, how to set up a barbershop! In fact, opening a barbershop can be a great bargain.

The great beauty salons seem to take care of the cities, with their services that cater to all tastes and audiences. But even so, many people do not feel comfortable entering these establishments because they appear to be very expensive, chic and impersonal.

The truth is that salons seek to serve the female audience (mainly) and, the masculine, in a subsidiary way. Therefore, all the decoration and structure is not intended for a barber shop and please the male target audience.

Precisely for this reason, opening a barber shop can be the ideal solution to make money, provide good service and reduce competition.

Interested in setting up a barbershop? See in this content a complete step by step guide and many tips on how to open a successful barbershop in your city.

Who are the clients when opening a barber shop

Those interested in opening a barbershop should take into consideration who will be the customer that the establishment will attend: people from the neighborhood, with purchasing power high, medium, low, etc.

Anyway, it is necessary to emphasize the target audience so that you can then draw up a plan to begin to imagine what the business will be like.

Having chosen the audience that will be contemplated, it is the moment to research his habits: what these people like to do, what they buy, what they would like to acquire, what are their habits, their customs, what advertising means reach them , among other relevant aspects that must be taken into account, as this is part of a profile profile of the possible customers of a barber shop .

Only from these data will it be possible to verify who the entrepreneur will attend and the most efficient and effective ways.

With this knowledge of target audience will be organized from the structure when opening the barber shop like layout, colors, equipment and competitive differentials, up to the prices of services.

Repairing competition from a barbershop

It is perfectly obvious that this classic barber shop, a little careless and that took prices into account, is already out of the picture.

They were gradually disappearing just as beauty salons began to play the same role more comfortably to customers. However, it is necessary to analyze how these salons are working and to verify the possible spaces left by them.

One gap left is as follows: they entered the market, seized the clientele of the barbershops , but became rather impersonal and above-average service prices than had been practiced before.

In all this, he was a client who misses that old friend barber and especially the low values.

It is true that many barber shops were not careful with comfort or appearance and, as a result, they may have lost their turn to the largest undertakings, but at the same time it is also true that there is a public in this scenario that needs cheaper services , intimate and a classic atmosphere of a barbershop, but with some differentials.

If the beauty salons are spread out, be they big or small, the entrepreneur who wants to open a barber shop needs to analyze what these companies are offering so positive to their own, so that he can then check the weaknesses and try to act based on them, in them.

How is the operation of a barber shop

The most common profile of a barbershop is as follows: four barber chairs, one of which is worked by the owner of the establishment and the other by other professionals.

A very common way is the assignment of the chair, instruments and materials to others, which are half the value and the other 50% are the entrepreneur.

Being a branch of activity that is linked to beauty and hygiene, it is necessary that professionals, whether they are owners or not of the business, are in tune with the trends demonstrated in the fashion standards.

Nowadays, men have stopped just "trimming the beard," there are a number of different applications, both in size, shapes and even colors (beard painting).

At the barbershop, the services offered are basically simple beard, modeled, tincture, hair washing, cuts and hydration.

How to open a barber shop: All Steps

The market research of the barber shop has already been made, the entrepreneur noticed that there is a demand for a certain social class that would like to enjoy services like this. Having already outlined the profile of the client and the available capital, it is time to open the barbershop.

First of all, it is necessary to be up to date with the legalization of the company, from the CNPJ to even the authorizations given by the city hall to carry out the activity.

With everything legalized, it is time to choose the place where you will set up the barber shop .

Opening a barber shop: legalization and bureaucracy

To legalize the opening of a barber shop you will need the license, as well as other licenses, such as the fire brigade. Below, we list what to do to open a legal barbershop:

  • Develop the social contract; Important to do a search to ensure that the name used for the company does not exist.
  • Registration in the commercial board (must carry the social contract);
  • Business license; Protocole the request in the city hall of your city and wait;
  • Apply for CNPJ at the IRS;
  • State registration; Due to an agreement (in almost all states) it is possible to apply online, but you must already have the CNPJ;
  • Request for licenses: Environmental (Municipal and State Bodies, and in IBAMA), Sanitary (usually the Municipality appoints a responsible person when the application for a license is executed), Security Inspection (request the Fire Department).

Check to see if there is any specific municipal legislation in your city, in which case any further license may be required.

If you want to open a barber shop in the MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) system, you can check the steps in this content.

Location of the barbershop

The barbershop needs to be in a place with a lot of people, so it is possible to get customers just because it is there on a street with lots of pedestrians.

In addition, it is also necessary that it is within the neighborhood where the target audience lives, so that it is easy to travel to the establishment.

Being close to bus stops, subway or any public transport is also a point to be considered when choosing a place to put the business to work, because this facilitates the displacement of those who have no way to go on foot.

This aspect is linked to the type of customer that will be served: if it is mostly people belonging to a particular social class who has no purchasing power to have car, this question becomes fundamental.

However, if customers are able to move around the car, this is not a priority, but a large parking lot, for example.

Therefore, the means of transport must also be taken into account, but before that, the socioeconomic profile of the barbershop clients .

The entrepreneur should also check if there is any impediment in the city's master plan for the pursuit of the activity at the chosen location (rarely happens).

Lastly, keep in mind that the value of the location of the commercial point should not compromise your earnings, if you notice the occurrence, look for another location or commercial piece. It will not do any good to have dozens of customers a day and at the end of the month your net sales will be almost zero.

Feasibility study and business plan of a barber shop

The most important point of opening a business is the feasibility study and the business plan, without which the company already starts with high probability of bankruptcy.

The feasibility study allows us to find out if, in a certain region, the barber shop is likely to succeed, it even allows us to reorganize some faults and, thus, to change the path that was previously a potential bankruptcy to the probability of success.

The business plan, in turn, is a formal document, written and demonstrative, which will include all relevant aspects of the business, including strategic planning, with the objectives and ways to achieve them.

With a good business plan the owner will only need to follow what he has already done, making small changes when necessary, however, he will have a way to go and this makes the path to the success of the barbershop much easier.

To help you, I listed the main points that should be in your business plan to open a barbershop :

  • Company data, partner and social contract information;
  • Market (as is, projection, etc);
  • Investments and costs;
  • Equipment and furniture;
  • Expansion projection;
  • Estimate of profitability, including deadlines to achieve it;
  • Strategic planning (strategies to achieve objectives);
  • Business objectives;
  • Staff;
  • Services;
  • Competitive diferentials;
  • Competition (all information, including strengths and weaknesses);
  • Disclosure;

These are topics that you can not miss in your business plan, however, many others can be inserted, and should be inserted. Think, everything that is relevant to a business, thinking, mainly, of a way to go, should be documented and structured.

This document will also allow you to find potential future mistakes or difficulties, leaving you with a strategy to solve them and reduce the risk of loss.

Equipment and furniture to open a barber shop

To open a barber shop, what does it take? What furniture and equipment do you need? Below you will find:

  • Apron;
  • Sprinkler;
  • Hydraulic Chair;
  • Mirror;
  • Washbasin;
  • Modeling comb;
  • Navalhete;
  • Scissors;
  • Cutting machine;
  • Creams and cosmetics;
  • Waiting chairs;
  • Auxiliary Cart;
  • Stand;
  • Covers for customers;
  • Baby powder;
  • Differentials: magazine door, television, surround sound, wi-fi modem, mini bar;
  • Broom, shovel and other equipment and products for cleaning;

As you can see, the amount of equipment for barber shop is small, consequently, you have a relatively low initial investment when compared to other businesses.

Worth noting, the amount of furniture and equipment will depend on the size of the barbershop and of course, the amount of employees;

Investment to open a barber shop

A small / medium barbershop with a single employee can cost between R $ 12,000.00 and R $ 16,000.00 reais (simple).

However, if it is necessary to fix the commercial point, change floor, decorate, set up a separate reception room, etc., the investment rises to R $ 25,000.00 to R $ 40,000.00 reais.

The suggestion is, buy what you really need, invest in what you need and ensure the comfort of the customer, as well as the quality of their services.

Maintaining a working capital between R $ 4,000.00 and R $ 7,000.00 is recommended.

Monthly costs

Because the services are more "simple" and there is no use of light-consuming equipment, such as salons, the monthly costs of a barbershop are lower.

Withdrawing the rent (will depend on each case), a small / medium room will cost approximately R $ 1,500.00 to R $ 2,500.00 reais per month.

Pricing barber services

Assuming the services are already decided and you already know exactly what you will offer customers, it is time to price them.

How much to charge for the services of the barbershop? What services will be offered? Will you sell products like drinks, snacks and snacks?

Let's start with the products. On average, each product can suffer the incidence of 60% to 90%, be it soda, snacks or drinks (some barbershops work with a mini bar to leave customers at ease and create a differentiated environment).

  • In order to establish the prices of the services it is necessary to observe some factors, they are:
  • What is the cost? How much do you need to gross a month to cover it? (Start at least the amount necessary to cover fixed expenses);
  • What is the desired profitability? Evaluate within the possibilities how much you can allocate over the cost of the service to obtain this profit;
  • How much is your customer willing to pay? Are your competitive differentials enough to collect as much as you want?
  • Will your price be far above competitors?

Taking into consideration the above factors you will be able to find a good price for the services and products. Remember, observing competitors' prices to have a notion is important, but you should price based on their characteristics (costs, investment, profitability, etc.) and not those of competitors.

How to keep customers in the barbershop

Customer loyalty is the best way to stabilize a business's monthly billing, so you can always keep a "minimum" of customers. In addition, retaining customers and winning new ones brings good profits, losing customers and conquering new ones, it keeps on "zero to zero".

In order to keep customers of a barber shop loyal, it is necessary to make your business the preference, that is to say, consumers who have attended the barbershop, when thinking between yours and the competitor, you can not have doubts, yours is the preference.

And how to do that?

A pleasant environment and that the consumer feels at ease, making that moment pleasurable and not only the provision of the service, tends to be the best option. However, loyalty programs also bring good results, along with competitive differentials.

Offering a product every 10 times the customer went to the barbershop or even discount to those who take friends to the barbershop increase the retention rate of customers, loyalty and is a brilliant form of advertising.

How to create differentials when opening a barber shop

Competitive differentials are what differentiate one business from the other, preferably, in a positive way. For example, owning television and not competing, is a competitive differential.

Price is often seen as the only competitive differential for beginning entrepreneurs and this is a big mistake.

The price may be the smallest differential, surely you have already chosen to pay more for a service because of something, correct? This happened because of competitive differentials.

Usually the competitive differentials include:

  • Environment;

  • Quality;

  • Comfort;

  • Schedules;

Providing a relaxed, pleasant and comfortable environment is often sufficient to make the consumer choose this establishment and not the competitor. So invest it!

Objective quality and excellence in service delivery, take courses and expose them to customers to see, in addition, quality equipment demonstrate higher quality.

Comfort is even more important in salons and barbershops precisely because of the need to wait until they arrive. Have quality furniture and ways to make customers distract themselves, as is the case with free internet, television and magazines.

People are more and more with less time and with their lives racing, so the time is more and more precious. Few men will leave work during business hours to go to a barber shop, so you should adapt your schedules to those of the customers.

Billing Barber Shop: How much will I earn

After all, how much can you gain by opening a barbershop? This is the number one question for entrepreneurs and perhaps what most influences the decision whether or not to set up a barbershop.

The net sales of a barber shop without employees varies between R $ 4,000.00 and R $ 7,000.00 reais, which is usually earned. By combining other services such as bar and product sales (perfumes, cosmetics, etc.), billing can vary between R $ 6,000.00 and R $ 12,000.00 reais.

In some very specific cases of barbershops and very innovative, there have been reports of earnings in excess of R $ 30,000.00 reais.

How to make the barbershop known

Because it is a business that has a lower profile, ideally, the advertising done is done on the spot, so that it can reach its target audience efficiently.

With the evolution of the internet and social networks, today we have the possibility of targeting the advertisements in target audience, so I leave below some advertisements with good results for a barber shop:

  • Sound car in the neighborhood;
  • Panfletch (still great);
  • Ads targeted to the Neighborhood using Facebook (it's cheap);
  • Discount or free service (1x) for those who bring 2 friends (for example);

Be careful not to make one of the biggest mistakes of beginning entrepreneurs, investing in advertising and publicity only at the opening of the barbershop.

Advertising must be recurring, always separate part of the monthly budget to invest in advertising over the next month, so it is likely that your barber shop maintains a good public and stable billing.

Business Tip for the Barber Shop

Because it is a place that must be distinguished from the big salons, it is necessary that all involved are aware of the project: if the mission is to make the place a little cozy and offer prices in account, it is worth hiring people who are already known to the residents of the neighborhood, people from the locality, because the clients can find their acquaintances there or at least people who have already heard and the entrepreneur may also have the possibility of not spending as much money for the tickets of the employees.

Another orientation is about the updates that need to be done constantly. This is an area that always holds fairs, congresses and meetings, where the latest fashion trends of the world of beauty are discussed.

As such, the entrepreneur should not save money and need to invest in knowledge so that he can ensure much success in his business.

Even if you do not have many conditions to pay for all the members of the barber shop to attend the events, at least one can go (can be the owner) to pass on all the knowledge to others.

It pays to open a barbershop

A barber shop can be a great bargain, but what's good depends on your goals. Do not you mind working at different times to meet your audience?

On average, R $ 6,000.00 reais to R $ 10,000.00 reais of salary is right for you? Do you feel good working as a barber? Do you like to socialize with other people, especially men?

Particularly, I believe that the barber shop is worth it, even because it is scarce, but there is still a public that wants it.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Content Of How To Open A Barbershop .