How To Open A Horseback Riding Company

How To Open A Horseback Riding Company

Horseback riding is a passion for many Brazilians and, in addition to our country, many others have the habit of having riding lessons to teach students techniques about sports and good relationships with animals.

The riding lessons depend on many aspects to work, and if some entrepreneur wants to dive in this business, it’s good to have a base of business expenses and operating.

The service is within the tertiary sector of the economy and offers as a product the riding lessons in a school that should train riders and amazons who are able to play the sport within its obstacles and modalities like jumping, training, enduro, recreation and sports complementation.

How To Open A Horseback Riding Company
How To Open A Horseback Riding Company

For this, it is necessary to have a very large physical space and to have some trained horses to obtain good results and to be able to form groups within the norms of the riding.

Considered an activity that brings together parents and children in sync, riding lessons have plenty of people that focus on learning to ride a horse, get out of the stress of everyday life and enjoy a little more the wonders that nature offers.

Many people use riding lessons as a therapeutic approach to address the concerns of urban life.

Every business needs to be consciously realized, focusing on good strategies and business plans. If you want to know more about setting up your own business properly, check out the articles that I have specially separated for you!

In the space of riding lessons, there should be theoretical and practical classes (corresponding to the physical space on the track and obstacles). In addition, the riding school can lease individual riding equipment such as boots, helmets, breeches and so on.

The team includes qualified professionals with a reputation in the market who will transfer their knowledge to the less trained, thus forming young riders.

Having a clothing store is can be a great option because there are many buyers in this area.



The labor market is restricted to the richer portions of cities, as it really is what one sees in sports surveys preferred by this social class.

Therefore, the segment is more directed to specific places that facilitate the access of this type of population, but it is obviously a great idea to implement riding lessons in humbler places.

The challenge can lead to pioneering and increased profits, but those who prefer not to take risks still continue to impose statistics to reach a profitable and safer trade.

Looking from the consumer’s point of view, it is possible to launch marketing strategies and improvements to enable the new business. Entrepreneurs need to think as if they are consumers to find out what the public expects from them.

The market hit will only be known from much study and research, which can be done jointly by the team of riding lessons, led by the entrepreneur who must thoroughly know every detail of the business related to riding lessons.

From there, you will discover the amount of people in the region who really are interested in the sport, its social class, age, income and future consumers that are to come.


Disclosure Of Riding Lessons

As in any other business, disclosure becomes very important and can be worked out in various ways in riding lessons .

Each has its specific point of view and target audience, so the different ways to get in touch with these people so that, sensitized, consume the product, which in the case are riding lessons.

The internet is a strong resource to advertise this type of product that has to do with entertainment. In addition to it, the entrepreneur may feel free to organize the marketing strategy that most has to do with the need of your business.

What is not advised is that this important part of the company’s growth is forgotten, since it can prevent riding lessons from gaining more followers, diminishing the profits and success of the enterprise.

The sports pages in the newspapers are a great outlet for advertising your business. Along with the advertising of rodeos, country fashion and other related themes can also gain greater visibility.

If the entrepreneur is lost in this part, you can hire a bachelor’s degree in Marketing to help out in this creative part.

Often, marketing can be more expensive than anticipated, so it’s good to not shy away from values, always thinking about the cost-benefit ratio that moves the steps of a good business.

Remember to do good marketing planning and do not give up using email marketing!


Business Location

The place available for riding lessons may be the most unforeseen to start the business since it must be very large and with the capacity to house the animals.

If you are thinking of renting or buying a facility location, consider the fact that it does not have to be “well located”, after all, you will need a lot of space. In particular, I advise you to look for a good real estate agent to find the right place.

You will also need stables, saddlery, places to store rations, pharmacy for first aid, ambulatories for the treatment of animals, equipment for maintenance of obstacles, pasture area, areial, an office for the administration of riding lessons and other places.


Investments Of A Company Of Riding Lessons

Related in proportion to the quantity and quality of riding lessons equipment, the investment is varied and depends very much on the entrepreneur and his expectations regarding his business.

Classes need certain equipment and these should be tested by instructors who also place the value of their services in the package.

This type of investment in materials for riding lessons, including the value of instructors’ service, is valued at roughly R $ 150,000.00, regardless of the price of the land.

The area must be at least 100 m² including all the expansion of riding lessons and the price to get a lot like this (rented or purchased) will depend and much of its location.

In precise terms, we can say that a riding school is ready with R $ 1,650,000.00 reais. As for class time, this can vary and should leave the maximum average of R $ 70.00.

This is because the numerous expenses with professionals and all the maintenance of this structure generate great expenses.

It is really necessary in the case of many entrepreneurs who do not have all this initial capital to enter into partnerships with other companies, similar or not to sports activity to boost the gains and manage to establish a place in the middle of the competition.

In addition to riding lessons, the same space can be used for a variety of other activities during off-peak hours, and it is up to the entrepreneur to manipulate space well and set goals to increase profitability.

You can use your space even to offer food services, which require low investments and provide good profits, some examples:

  • Spittoon cart
  • Popcorn cart
  • Churros machine

Several clubs now partner with riding schools to have their members pay for cheaper hourly lessons, which is still a positive marketing strategy for anyone starting a venture.



There is a need for a riding instructor, a riding instructor, a zootechnician, a veterinarian, a caretaker, three pedestrians, vigilantes and a secretary for riding lessons.

Each professional will have his share of contribution to the success of the enterprise since they are related to the safety of both students and animals, preservation and well being.

Employees who care for horses should have experience in the middle and be able to treat all animals properly. It is good to remember that animals should not be tortured or mistreated and that their integrity is strongly linked to the owner of the enterprise.

You can have along as your business a veterinary clinic.

The supervision, both local and the public agencies that control this type of business, assess irregularities and promote solutions.


Riding Lessons Students

The clients of the riding lessons are usually composed of children, adolescents, young people, and adults.

Improving the conditions of riding lessons for all ages is very important to ensure that some group of people who are interested in the sport have difficulties in achieving it.

Most clients regard riding lessons as a hobby, but there are also those who want to train as a sport to live on so it is also feasible that there are all the conditions for the various types of customer expectations to be met.


Start The Business

In order to start the riding lessons business, the entrepreneur must win a trustworthy audience, and for this investment in the education of the instructors and employees is essential because they transmit wellness to the clients.

A good tip for improving demand is to focus on promotions. Do you know how to do promotion?

The organization of the physical structure is also part of the beginning of good business and the advertising previously mentioned can be added to the venture early on to ensure referral of curious people to the sport the first classes.

What is to be done is to show these people that the activity can be much more fun than they imagine, and at this time the degree of professionalism of the instructors makes clear the seriousness and respect with which they treat the sport.

Knowing how to pass these characteristics on to the population depends a lot on good planning, thinking and rethinking the project with the whole team, and in the end, success compensates every calculated detail that has made all the difference in riding lessons.

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