How To Open An Advertising Agency

How To Open An Advertising Agency

An advertising and advertising agency is a company aimed at creating publicity through service, planning, creation and contact with vehicles responsible for the dissemination of the pieces (a name given to material made to make a product, service or company public). The purpose of this business is to promote the sale of what is marketed by its customers, to spread ideas or give information to the public.

How To Open An Advertising Agency
How To Open An Advertising Agency


Advertising Agency Market

The advertising agency market is very crowded because there are thousands of them, especially those who serve large clients, which are the big accounts. However, there are also small companies that want to advertise to boost their sales and therefore need small businesses as well, who do jobs as good as the big ones.

Precisely because the market is very comprehensive, there is the possibility of discovering niches and who are entering now should note that there may be gaps that must be filled exactly by the small beginners.

Basic Structure Of An Advertising Agency
The basic structure of an advertising agency needs to have an area with separate spaces for the reception, service, administration and creation of the pieces, which are TV commercials, radio spots and general print ads.

Certain agencies prefer to have space only with everyone acting together and participating in the processes, so this decision will start with the entrepreneur.

The agencies have the service structure, which is the customer reception, planning, which will seek in the market all possible data on consumers of such product that will be subjected to advertising, the creation, which is exactly where the commercials are made and the media, which will deal with the media on available advertising spaces. The traffic is an administrative area that takes care of checking the progress of all processes, such as delivery times of each phase of production of the product and deals with matters pertaining to any organization of such structures.

However, in agencies that are still starting, the basic structure must have service, creation, and media.


Location Of Advertising Agency

Choosing a suitable place to run any business is very important to your success. In the case of an advertising agency, it is in the interest of this type of establishment to be close to potential customers, so that they can reach them more quickly and comfortably. For start-up agencies, it is interesting that it is close to small businesses that can compose clientele.

In general, it is important to consider a street that has good lighting, has a properly functioning garbage collection service, has a parking lot for those who attend the advertising agency and who can go with the vehicle itself, that is easy access to public transport, such as trains, buses, and subways and that is close to banks, should it be necessary to make any financial transaction.


Professionals To Work In Advertising Agency

The number of employees varies according to the size of the enterprise, but it is necessary to have an attendant, an Office-boy, an advertising agent to take care of the creation, the care, and the media.

In the act of hiring them, the advertising and advertising agency owner should be aware of the candidates’ abilities: having broad cultural knowledge, creativity, ability with editing programs, competence and affinity with the agency’s philosophy are paramount.


How Is The Linking Of Work And Sectors Within An Advertising Agency

The customer who wants to boost their sales is looking for an advertising agency, which is responsible for creating pieces that will make the advertisement happen.

In more structured agencies, there is the account executive, better known as advertising contact, which is part of the service sector. He is the one who will get the clients in the market, make visits to the companies and take to the agency his proposals.

The service represents the client in the agency, he is going to deal with the progress of the preparation of the pieces, from the sketch to the end.

The planning sector can act together with the service or separately, depending on each advertising agency. The surveys are done to support the creation of the pieces and also to show the companies that went to get the agency a more detailed profile of their consumers. These results help a lot at the time of creation and before it, of planning the whole process to be done.

Already with research done, it’s time to go to the creation. Some agencies work with creative pairs, with copywriters and art directors, who are responsible for creating the pieces and the concept of the brand give the graphic form in the case of printed pieces. The production part takes care of the finalization of all created material, according to the budgets already calculated. This is where the contracting of video producers, sound studios, illustrators, speaker.


Specific Legislation Of An Advertising Agency

To put the advertising agency to work it is necessary to legalize the venture in the Commercial Board, in the Federal Revenue Secretariat; in the Finance Department, the Municipality, INSS, and the Employers’ Union.

It is necessary to have at hand in relation to the physical facilities, where the operation of the enterprise may take place and it is also necessary to obtain the Operating Permit.

Consultation with PROCON is fundamental so that the services are adequate to the Consumer Protection Code.

There are also some laws that regulate the advertising activity, they are and Law 4.680 / 65 and Decree57.690 / 66, which are related to the exercise of the function of advertising, advertising agencies and advertising business in the country. There are also Standard Norms agency services and Propaganda Professionals Code of Ethics. Law 9.610 / 98 refers to Copyright.

The Performance Of Conar In The Advertising Agency
The Brazilian Code of Advertising Self-Regulation is a set of advertisers, vehicle representatives, and advertisers who care to preserve the quality of publicity exercised in the country. It is not an organ that prohibits the placement of certain commercials, however, it makes recommendations to such advertising agency that has made an advertisement that in some aspect may run into ethical issues.


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