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How to propose a bill - A phrase commonly attributed to the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is that the laws are like sausages - no one would eat them if they knew how they are made. This phrase still applies to today, where growing popular dissatisfaction with politicians around the world, especially in the case of Brazil. However, what if it were possible that you even draft a law? One thing few people know is that it is possible that a bill is proposed directly by the population.

How to Propose a Bill
How to Propose a Bill

Bill by popular initiative: Requirements

When drawing up the 1988 Federal Constitution, the constituents have given many political rights to the Brazilian people, how to vote and be voted, participate in plebiscites and referenda and also propose bills by popular initiative. However, there are some requirements to propose the bill by popular initiative at the federal level, which is listed below:

  • It is necessary that the bill just-focus on a theme (ex .: domestic violence);
  • It is necessary that, when presented to the House of Representatives, the bill has been signed by 1% of the national the electorate, in at least five states, with at least 0.3% of voter signatures in each state.

As you can see, it is very difficult to propose a bill by popular initiative at the federal level. However, see examples of legislation that have been successful:

  • Law 8930/94: inclusion of homicide among the heinous crimes.
  • Law 9840/99: increased penalties for buying votes.Lei complementary 135/2010: this law established criteria that make some candidates ineligible - may only apply to the eligible candidates who possess "clean slate", ie those who they have not committed offenses.

The project of the popular initiative: how to do?

How to make a popular initiative project? In fact, the procedure is somewhat complicated - above the minimum number of signatures above, it is necessary that the text is appropriate, ie, that has a legislative proposal format. You can follow some bill models [1] provided by the House of Representatives and also see some examples of bills pending in Congress [2]. You can also collect signatures in the standard form [3] provided by the House of Representatives.

The popular statewide initiative

To propose a state project of popular initiative, the procedure is the same as the federal level. However, simply collect 1% of the state's electorate signatures of the federation in question and present the project to the Legislative Assembly of the respective state where the signatures were collected. The Legislative Assembly is the competent authority at the state level to draft laws, as well as the National Congress is the competent authority at the federal level.

Popular initiative bill at City Hall

The City Council is the state agency responsible for regulation at the municipal level. That is, if you want to know how to create a municipal bill, you should present the proposal to the City Council of his city. Let's clear up some of the main doubts and expose the main prerequisites below:
The bill authorizes CF municipal people's initiative?
Yes! The constitutional provision authorizing this procedure is the section XIII of art. 29 of the Federal Constitution (Federal Constitution).

Who may municipal bill?

Under Brazilian law, anyone may present municipal bill, but it is more common for this process is triggered by civil society organizations, churches, and NGOs. See how to set up an NGO.

How to propose a municipal bill

Before proposing municipal bill it is necessary to develop the project, which should be appropriate to the structure of a bill (cannot be in the form of a poem or short story, for example). With the ready project, it is necessary to collect 5% of signatures of city voters and only then will be able to present the project to the City Council.

How to propose a bill - other important information

You must remember that even if you have managed to collect all the necessary signatures, there is no guarantee that your bill will be approved. It is necessary that your project has a lot of popular support in order to pressure politicians (whether at the federal, state or municipal level) to approve it.