how to start a transportation business

How To Set Up A School Transportation Business

Have you thought about setting up a school transportation company ? No? Because nowadays, most parents can not take their children to school and bring in the end of the shift and the transportation school, a form of entrepreneurship for years in the market, has been an excellent option. This type of transport has as a function to take children and adolescents from the residence to the school and the reverse route, passing the doors of the students at scheduled time and thus facilitating the family’s life. For a fixed fee, parents pay for safety if they know their children are not waiting for public transport on the street and breakage still ensures that children and not so young arrive before school.

how to start a transportation business

A school bus also ensures convenience for families. After all, the child will be safe and will always arrive at the correct time in classes and in the end, will not need to leave the space, the driver will have a helper who will pick the children or adolescents at school to ensure that they do not wait in the street. With a daily course, each student will arrive punctually or varying little from that.

One great advantage of working with a school transportation company is that this business model does not require working all day and as an entrepreneur gives you a period of time off. You should wake up early, deliver the children and have more than two hours of sleep until you need to come back to pick them up, which you can go straight to pick up the kids in the afternoon and have another two hours off until the end of the period school when you’re going to have to pick them up.

The owner of a school transportation company does not have to deliver students from the same school. Many place on their path nearby schools and thus can increase the range of clients. Another way of doing things is to do more than a car trip, if there are schools that start at odd times and thus double the profit, since they should not have children standing or driving tight, they should be comfortable and safe.

Having the business of your own is not only a dream come true but it can be the solution to the financial life of a lot of people and a school transportation company can be a great option for requiring low cost and for having a slightly faster return than others medium and large-size investments, which may require no less than five years to have the initial capital invested back again. If you want to invest in this investment format, here are the tips on how to invest and steps that can not be taken in a school transportation company.


Target Audience Of A School Transportation Company

The target audience of a school transportation company is as broad as possible. The more schools you have near your home, the more you will have customers. The ideal is to have students from the same school, but can act, as we said above, in different schools that are in the same script or even block. The target audience, that is, its clients, can be elementary and middle school students and there is a great demand for this service today.


Competition Of A School Transport Company

The school transport market in many cities is already consolidated and some schools are already offering the service on their own to increase their range of services. However, for children between the ages of six and twelve, there are still good opportunities to work because there are always new educational institutions and some neighborhoods lack this service, but it is important to make a study if there are even interested in a school transport company in the your place to not lose money.

First of all, make a speculation in the region to see if it is necessary to have this type of business in the neighborhood. This research is very important because it will be able to identify exactly what the sector needs or abundances are. Do not hesitate in this step of the project, always research and see which schools have a larger number of students and which neighborhoods would like to have the service provided.


Basic Structure Required For A School Transportation Company

The good news is that you will not need to set up any structure for the school transport company , you just need a vehicle that is enabled and in good working order. A few decades ago, combis were used for this venture, but nowadays it is common to use vans for the large number of places, in good condition or brand new.

Once purchased the vehicle, you must also have vehicle and driver accreditation in DETRAN for school transportation. The driver, ie the driver of the vehicle must be over 21 years old and have a driver’s license in category D, as well as take a specific course for drivers of schoolchildren and never leave the documentation due, as the fine may be fine high.

In your vehicle, you must still have a monitor, someone who helps with the children inside the vehicle and the doors of the schools. Great care must be taken in the choice of this person, as it is who will actually accommodate and welcome the children transmitting security throughout the home-school path.

Some details are very important and should be treated with attention. When thinking about opening a school transportation company it is fundamental that the aspiring entrepreneur, as well as the people involved in the company, have a very specific profile of the service, such as having a lot of responsibility, liking children and adolescents and, above all, be patient. In this way, good customer service will ensure a great differential and good word of mouth for your school transport company , making it competitive.

For cars that will carry children, you need a special license that must be done with a survey every six months at the transportation agency of your city. One must also have basic equipment like fire extinguisher not just in the driver, but one in the back as well, lanterns and mirrors working perfectly. Internal lamps for buses and vans are obligatory and the vehicle must be in perfect conditions also of hygiene and cleaning and with good condition in the upholstery and floors.


Initial Capital Of Investment For A School Transport Company

The capital for a school transportation company will vary whether you will be acting alone or hiring a driver, but the cost is basically from buying the vehicle.

It will be enough to acquire a vehicle suitable for collective transportation, and small capital for bureaucratic procedures. The average value predicted for this new business model to be spent is $ 70,000.00, but this varies too depending on the size of the business. The estimated return is in six months a year, a shorter period than other models of commercial ventures.

The gain will in fact come for tuition, the way a school transportation company should charge. It is agreed a value between parent and company to be paid monthly on a premarked date. You should evaluate the gasoline costs to let the children go through everyone’s house and thus establish their profit margin to thus charge one amount per month. Make cards such as those made by stores and schools so you can control the payment per student and ensure that everyone pays. Have a late goal or, if you are with an open company, work with a late bill.


Documentation Needed To Set Up A School Transportation Company

For this venture, you will need some documents that are basic like any company. You must register at the Commercial Registry of your city, also have a registration with the Secretary of the Federal Revenue who will give you a CNPJ. It is also necessary to have a registry in the Secretary of Finance and a local registry in the Municipality of the Municipality and also a registry in the INSS, in case you opt for the autonomous model and not of abertutra of CNPJ. Do not forget to register your vehicle as a school student with Detran, or you are subject to fine and seizure.

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