How to Start a Cleaning Business with No Money 1

How to Start a Cleaning Business with No Money

How to Start a Cleaning Business with No Money – I got a message one day from a reader who asked for information on opening a cleaning company but had no capital to invest. None at all. When I asked her if she had at least $ 100 to open the deal, I got a negative answer. Well, those who accompany me know that I love challenges related to entrepreneurship and I am passionate about creating businesses out of nothing with very little money and in today’s article I will give some ideas of a business model that may work for you that intends to open a company without any money.

How to Start a Cleaning Business with No Money 1


The purpose of the business that we are going to assemble is to unite the need to buy cheaper cleaning products from consumers with the possibility of buying these products in large quantity from suppliers. One very good thing about this market is that consumers need every month of these products and that there is, intrinsic to the business model, the real possibility of generating recurring revenuefor the entrepreneur. While it is extremely helpful to open a company of this type, you will need to demonstrate value to your customers about what they are buying through comparative pricing worksheets and brands of their products with those in the markets close to the buyer’s residence, he that your company will always seek the best prices and the best brands delivering punctually on the agreed day in their residences.

Without money, your initial job is to do a survey of the most consumed cleaning products in the neighborhood that you want to offer your business, determining the most used brands. Once this is done, you contact the suppliers of these products to negotiate with them the purchase price of the same in bulk. The idea at this point is for the entrepreneur to establish the value and minimum quantity of products to be able to prospect customers.

With your shopping list and sales goal at hand, your cost value, sales value, and comparative price worksheets between your products and the market closest to your consumers’ home, you can visit the home of each of them so they order their basket of cleaning products by opting for the cash purchase at the time of the order with a discount or with payment at the time of delivery.

Formalizing through MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur) as a CLEANING PRODUCT MERCHANT is an excellent business to show confidence to your client. The cost of formalization is practically zero, $ 34.90 per month just to have everything registered and to create a company from scratch, issuing invoices and everything else.

With orders placed, you go to the supplier of cleaning products, buy the products and deliver them to buyers’ homes. Go home, put everything on a spreadsheet, calculate your profit and also reserve a part to reinvest in your business, improving your presentation (uniform, card, pamphlet, etc.) and making order forms and purchase lists for your consumers. The following month you run the same process and month after month you are expanding your business to other neighborhoods through your brand resellers or family members who are out of work and looking for work.

It’s good to know that …
I have taken some assumptions to write this article that you should be careful not to make mistakes in executing the plan. I assumed for example that the sale price of the market next to the consumers home is greater than the price you will sell to them. I also assumed that negotiating with the supplier of cleaning products will allow you to withdraw the products by paying them after collecting all the money with your consumers. I also assumed that you know how to handle spreadsheets and get information on the internet to do market research. Make sure these my assumptions are correct before you begin to undertake this business, for if I had nothing else today and had to begin to undertake from scratch with such a business model, I would do as I suggested above, but by checking these points in advance.

If you execute this plan, let me know of your progress to share your story here on the site.

Good venture.

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