How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs

How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs

Tips on How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs – Did you know that social networks can help you find a job? Check out the tips we have prepared for you!

With the increasingly frequent use of social networks, it has become easy to search for jobs through these media. For professionals a cheaper, easier way to find new job opportunities, and for businesses a way to find the full profiles of the professionals they want.

There are social networks for job search, such as LinkedIn, in this social network, both professionals and companies can benefit from the service. Certainly, the use of social networks has become a great tool for anyone who wants to enter the job market.

How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs
How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs
How to Use the Social Network to Find Jobs

Five important and relevant tips that will help with this job search within social networks are:


1 – At This Moment Image is Everything

Draw a positive image of your profile, be sincere but careful, not everything we think should be exposed to social networks. Remember: anything that is posted, commented or tweeted on your behalf is recorded, and can be used against you.


2 – Personality

Expose yourself, show your characteristics, if relevant give your opinion of a matter of the present time. For a recruiter, it is interesting to see what are the opinions, and the subjects that the candidate comments. Be extroverted on social networks, but beware of the hype.

3 – Mutiplicate

Get your profile from various social networks, let alone the better, as long as you can update them all. Remember the information has to be the same for all, be careful not to contradict. Be the same in all, and demonstrate that it is present in them.


4 – Relevant Companies

Add to your profile the companies that you consider relevant, and that have to do with the area that you want to act. If it is on Twitter follow, on Facebook become a fan, in G include in your circle, LinkedIn is part of the network, and so on. Stay behind the company you want to enter.


5 – Attention with Writing

Be attentive with what you post always check what is written, before posting, commenting, tweeting, it is important that you have a good Portuguese even in social networks that is allowed to use abbreviations, and slang. Try leaving that kind of language, let’s use it when you’re talking to your colleagues in private online or live.

Use social networks to get a new job, it’s a modern way to start a new career. Stay tuned for career tips from the Successpedia.

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