IBM MaaS360 review

IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Mobility Management Top Review

What is IBM MaaS360?

Do you know about IBM MaaS360? IBM MaaS360 is a mobile device management software provided by a world leader in computing technology. The explication enables the management and security of all devices in an enterprise as well as the applications and content embedded inside.

IBM MaaS360 review

With its out-of-the-box device management, MaaS360 affords IT the ability to bulk program personally-owned devices to enable them for work. This way, employees can use the technologies they are comfortable and straightforward without taxing IT resources.

Furthermore, MaaS360 has a secure container that holds all corporate files separate from the rest of the device’s applications. This way, employees can work securely without arbitrating data and device security. This also simplifies management for IT, as they only need to monitor the container app and not the whole device.


Overview of IBM MaaS360 Benefits

Here are some of the benefits commonly associated with using IBM MaaS360:

Effortless Device Management

MaaS360 confers uncomplicated device management to a company’s IT department. With the software, all the devices can be monitored from one place and managed remotely from the air. And because of this MDM, small to large businesses can support BYOD, allowing their employees to work on any device they want. This raises their productivity, as they can perform tasks on tools they are most familiar with without compromising security.

Rapid App Deployment

With MaaS360, companies can handle applications with the use of an interactive catalog. Through it, they can encourage the use of selected apps, distribute those among users, and update them when needed.

Also, the solution’s container app ensures that corporate data are encrypted and kept separate from other apps. This way, IT only manages the contents of that folder without impinging on an employee’s privacy. This saves valuable resources and also builds trust between employees and the IT department.

Secure Content Collaboration

MaaS360 offers employees a platform for work collaboration that contains all relevant documents for work. In it, they can edit documents with ease while maintaining their preexisting formatting.

Though MaaS360 affords users this ability, companies can rest assured that this does not compromise data. The solution allows controls about this feature to be set up so that employees can only `tasks that are within the scope of their authorization.

Furthermore, MaaS360 also links with a device’s calendar. This way, colleagues can set up meetings and even chat with them in real time. This increases employee productivity and allows them to collaborate efficiently collaborate with each other.

Secure MDM Solution

With MaaS360, companies need not worry about their data being compromised. The software has a secure container separate from other device applications that employees can use when managing their work. It also comes with a warning detector that immediately alerts IT in case of malware or device infiltration.


Overview of IBM MaaS360 Features

  • Remote Device Management
  • Remote App Management
  • Interactive App Catalog
  • Quick App Deployment
  • Content Collaboration
  • Real-Time Document Exchange Notification
  • Secure Apps and Data
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • BYOD Support
  • Simple Device Enrollment
  • Mobile Malware Troubleshooting
  • Rogue Device Access Revocation
  • Out-of-the-Box Device Management
  • PC and Mac Security


Review Highlights

There is a lot to like within MaaS360. IBM has demonstrated that it continues to embrace the solution, and has, for the most part, allowed it to proceed as it did before the acquisition. It includes device support for a large number of gadgets, a comprehensive user interface, in-depth reporting and analytics, and scale.

To avoid issues with data recovery, the back-up of containerized corporate apps and content is automatic once a device is enrolled in the MaaS360 platform. Compared to AirWatch and Citrix, which have a whole device-level backup mechanism, IBM’s segmentation of personal apps and information is a bit different; most notably, in that IBM relies on original device manufacturers’ (ODM) services, such as Apple iCloud, Google Android or Microsoft’s cloud. This separation of data could present an issue if a user is the subject of a criminal or civil investigation.

However, it is crucial to note that more than any other EMM tool we’ve reviewed so far, IBM offers the broadest selection of customer use cases. This is a powerful endorsement for MaaS360 and illustrates that IBM has figured out a way to increase the value plan of a technology, rather than overdoing its technical aspects. And while there is no doubt that the solution is scalable, the features and functions help smaller organizations through a channel arrangement.

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