How to talk about the Defects and Qualities

Job Interview: How to talk about the Defects and Qualities

To shine in your job interview should be prepared to answer the questions that most candidates feel uncomfortable.

“Tell us about your qualities ” or “what are your faults ?” Are questions that (with few exceptions) all put recruiters during a job interview. If you leave the comfortable candidate ?! Probably not.

But contrary to what you might think, these questions are not intended to intimidate those who are to be interviewed. In fact, it is just a way that recruiters have to realize how you react to this kind of issues and simultaneously be aware of their best and worst qualities or aspects of your personality has to improve.

How to talk about the Defects and Qualities

A job interview can be considered a kind of mental game, played on two fronts: between the recruiter and the interviewee. And on your side, you will inspire a reliable image in your recruiter in order to drive your “opponent” to build a specific idea about their personal and professional personality and hence to be the chosen.



Although it can be one of the most complicated questions during the job interview, remember that may be the key to your recruiter evaluate not only your level of confidence but also their honesty. Therein lies the secret to escape unharmed this question, be honest and always keep your answers based on their professional qualities.

If you notice a greater informality and openness, can enter one or another aspect of his personal life; this will give a “face” to the worker and also allows the recruiter to know him in a different context and try to understand what it’s like as a person. Let slip that has two children you love, you have pets, which is volunteering at an association who loves photography … all positive questions that demonstrate the other side of the mirror.



Does not exist! Unfortunately, the exact formula to overcome this question during a job interview has not yet been calculated. But one thing is clear: try to escape the question will not help. Similarly, using the usual clichés to answer the question, also will not be positive. We all have faults, so do not hide them, however, knows how to handle them. Admitting that has less positive qualities does not mean that will not get the job that you are applying. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude.

The reaction to the issue of defects should be as natural as possible. There is no person without any defect and escape responses as “my biggest fault is to work too hard way.” Any recruiter will immediately identify who answered to “look good in the photo,” and this will be pointing in disfavor!



As a rule, it is easier for candidates pointing their qualities in a job interview. But let’s face it , we all tend to exaggerate a bit.

Beyond honesty, a little humility is not a bad view. Obviously, you should pull for its gains, but try not to look like the pinnacle all – knowing and all makes. The pundits are not the most sought-after profiles by companies. In answering this question highlight their skills and qualities that can have a positive impact to perform its functions. However, avoid giving answers too “cookie cutter”. Remember, flee the clichés!
In answering this question highlight their skills and qualities that can have a positive impact to perform its functions. However, avoid giving answers too “cookie cutter”. Remember, flee the clichés!



Any answer to give during a job interview should be targeted to the specific functions for which you are applying. Questions about the qualities and defects are not an exception. The secret here goes to show that you are willing to use these flaws to evolve and improve as a person and professional.

“I’m pretty stubborn, but usually use this feature to not give up on a project,” or “avoid conflict at all costs, which makes me usually on the balance scale in a team” are some of the answers examples that may give the interviewer.

If, on the other hand, do not see how to turn (s) is (s) defect (s) in solutions, assume you are trying to improve this facet; sincerity will be valued in his interview, believe me!



This is another of the situations that have been happening more and more and to which it must be prepared. Sometimes the recruiter asks you to you to ask him questions, to find the most suitable.

Take advantage of this moment to show interested in the company you want to work. Ask, for example, as is a usual working day in this place, ask what the most valued features, what kind of profile would like to recruit and how essential facet to work there.

As you do these questions, let out some information that studied the company (eg “being a company with x employees, team spirit is the most valued characteristics” or “existing xx delegations in the country, which is more important to keep the united and motivated team?).

In short, much like to avoid that the more certain it is to be asked what their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, before entering his job interview, prepare yourself properly to be able to respond safely and consciously to key questions (which does not always leave you comfortable!). If you want to impress, remember that should leave all and any nervousness or insecurity at the door. Remember that first impressions can be decisive and your job interview goes beyond the questions posed. There is no second chance to create a good first impression … So get ready for that at the time “H” can answer all the questions in a safe, incisive, but always with sincerity.

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