How Much does Airline Pilots Make – The mission of an airline pilot is to transport passengers from point A to point B, under optimal safety conditions, with obligations of accuracy, but also a quality of comfort and excellence at the airport. against passengers. Before each flight, a briefing is conducted to understand the technical aspect of the aircraft, but also the airport aspect (radio means, means of communication, geolocation, navigation instruments). One hour before departure, the airline pilot must prepare his flight. It is also necessary, at each flight, to calculate the fuel requirement, which is a complex calculation. The airline pilot is also called the captain.

How Much does Airline Pilots Make

How Much does Airline Pilots Make



In Europe, a day’s work is compensated by half a day off rounded up to the next unit, the maximum number of working days in a row being five. For example, if you work three days in a row, it will be a day and a half off, rounded to two. However, if you work five days in a row, it will take two days off. On the long haul, a round trip lasts between 3 and 4 days and gives between 2 and 4 days off.

We receive his schedule for the month between the 20th and the 25th of the previous month. We have a system that allows us to specify our preferences (destination, days off at certain dates, start/end time, etc …). They will be taken into account and realized as far as possible.

Each year, we fly around 700 to 800 hours. This obviously does not include the hours of preparation work.

As for holidays, we have about the same number of days as everyone else. Only they can sometimes be difficult to obtain, especially if you want them during the school holidays.

At the start of your career, the first officer can count on a monthly salary of ~ CHF 6200.-. To this amount, add 3.- (short mail) and 4.- (long mail) per hour that we spend far from the home base, namely Zurich, which is between 500.- and 1000.- per month depending on rotations. However, it is necessary to withdraw 1000.- per month for the reimbursement of the integrated training, if it were done in the company for which you work.

In the first years, the salary increases by about 5% every year

After 4 years, you become a Senior First Officer and move on to another salary scale. Per month, the salary goes to ~ 8500.-. Later, when you become Captain, you move on to another scale, then after a few years, you move to the last ladder, Senior Captain. At the end of his career, the latter can expect to earn ~ 17,500.- gross per month.

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