Rackspace Wordpress Hosting Review

Rackspace WordPress Hosting Review

The origins of Rackspace Hosting go back to 1996 when Dirk Elmehof and Pat Condon started a web-based application delivery company. In 1998, the business was named Rackspace, and moved applications, mainly providing the provision of hosting solutions. Rackspace is listed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Rackspace WordPress Hosting Review


Rackspace WordPress Hosting Review

Company and Services


Rackspace has a broad customer base serving many thousands of small businesses as well as large corporations. The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas (some 200 miles west of Houston). It also has overseas offices in London and Hong Kong.

Since 1998 Rackspace has focused on providing dedicated hosting and built an impressive brand reputation. Rackspace claims to have grown by at least 50% every year since it started and today is a leading provider of dedicated server hosting worldwide.

Dedicated hosting is offered for Linux and Windows platforms, and can be managed or intensive (the latter being where the client manages the servers for themselves). Rackspace guarantees 100% network uptime. This commitment to “zero downtime” is possible, he says, with advanced backup technology whereby if a network or vendor fails, Rackspace will scan immediately for a replacement. The end result is designed to be without loss of uptime and continuous service to your customers. Rackspace promises only to use high-quality bandwidth providers, underlining its stated intention to provide a high quality, reliable service without fail.

Excellent customer support is another key element of Rackspace’s web hosting offer and is supported in part by a strong workforce of 2,000, many of whom work on the customer side of the company. Their “Fanatical Support” program includes 24/7 x 365 support offering care by highly trained agents. In addition, Rackspace is known for achieving faster than average response times to customer inquiries, with unlimited technical support on the phone. Customers also have access to a large knowledge base on the Rackspace website.

The success of Rackspace has seen it grow to a multi-million dollar international company over the last decade, and many accolades have come along the way, including being selected for ‘Best Place to Work’ awards in both the US and UK.

Rackspace is one of a growing number of hosting companies that promote themselves as environmentally aware. One such established tree planting schemes throughout the US and UK and also offers the option of carbon neutral web hosting.


Server Location

Rackspace has several data centers around the world. In the UK, it has data facilities in London and in Slough. A data center in Hong Kong opened in September 2008. Finally, it has four North American data centers: two in San Antonio, Texas, one in Dallas, Texas and one in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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