Where is the Issue Number on a Visa Debit Card?

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Where is the Issue Number on a Visa Debit Card?

Where is the Issue Number on a Visa Debit Card

Some Debit Cards, as well as Credit Rating Cards, have an Issue Number, generally on the front of the card. This is normally '01' unless you have actually had your card changed at any time. If your card has such a number, our bank might require it for your order to be processed. However if this does not show up on your card, you could safely leave it empty. If doubtful, you can get in '01'.

The safety code is the 3 Digit number you see on the Back. The majority of Visa bank card does not have a problem number. Only Switch and also certain other Bank cards have issue numbers. If you are requested for an issue number on an order type and also there is no clear sign of this number on your card then just disregard it.

Another Opinion

First off we are talking here concerning a concerning number and also not provider number. In fact, an issueR number is the variety (primarily in between 4-8 digits) of the PAN beginning.

An issue number is a series which permitted to sequence the variety of time a card had actually been released from a certain account. Quote from Wikipedia:

Switch/Maestro cards provided by certain banks lugged a problem number under of the card corresponding to the variety of times a card had been provided on a particular account. This was normally due to the fact that the bank account number of the card is linked to in fact created a huge component of the card number, and therefore the card number could not be readily altered in the situation of loss or the card ending.

In my point of view, this kind of note is deprecated since providers will create random card number which is connected to the particular account. Some might still include such a serial number within the PAN - mostly the last 2 or 3 digits before the Luhn number.