Why should I be Hired

Why should I be Hired?

Would you like to learn now, how to answer that question to the recruiter with quality and confidence, strategically add that A +, that exact word that catches the attention of the recruiter and makes you immediately interested in the professional you are?

I know you’re in a hurry, but from the reports and feedback I had this year, here on the site, 90% of the people who read the articles by the end got through the job interview.

Why should I be Hired

“So why should you be hired by our company?” This infamous moment will come, it always comes … In job interviews this is a very recurring question, and if you do not give it much ball, it is better to rethink some things.

The moment the picker asks you that question is your time to sell yourself, to show you where you came from, and to show that this job should rather be yours. But how? Selector Aline Bernardon from ABRHestages gave us some tips so you do not stutter right now.

“It’s very important to know not only the company, but also your profile.” It’s no use coming to you at this time and saying that you’re a cool, innovative person who loves to talk and relate to colleagues if you’re applying for a company that has a more formal profile, so you need to research it first. “Not only the company in general, but the participant must have knowledge about the job they are applying for.” Having a basic idea of ​​what functions will be performed and which sector will be placed is very important, you may even have to answer this question, ask about the vacancy to already be thinking about a good answer.

“Joining your own capabilities with your company profile is important!” If it’s a vacancy that requires concentration and you’re good at it, then it’s an important point to put, there’s no need to say you’re a Pokémon master when it will not interfere in your work in the company. “Put your most important characteristics, avoid clichés, try to be unique.” That good old man “I’m very proactive, I’m good at teamwork, I’m an innovator …” this everybody talks, try to bring qualities beyond things that you think few do and you’re very good.

If this question is asked at a press conference, selector Aline gives the tip: “Try not to be the first to respond. Listen to the answers from the other participants, say something different. “When you are the first to respond, you talk about it and end up not thinking straight about the answer and then remember that you could have said this or that, so try to listen to others’ answers first participants, think of something different to say, and avoid answers that are very similar to what was said before not to become “one of the same.”

Regardless of the segment of the company that you are applying for, the professional chosen will be the one who knows how to stand out, not only with attitudes but with arguments. Prepare yourself before the interview, study a little about the company and the vacancy, stay calm and everything will work!

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